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 Dating’s gamechanger
How do you find love in lockdown? Caroline Fitton looks at the new options
For those in the pursuit of a partner, love in lockdown must have proved one of the scarcest, rarest commodities around - 2020 threw a gigantic
spanner in the works for anyone trying to find a love interest.
So where may the lonely hearts of Bury St Edmunds and beyond have turned during this desert of socialising, this deprivational dearth of dating possibility? The short answer is inevitably online, but
clearly nothing can compensate for meeting face to face, the chance of a chat and a potential dose of that indefinable element - chemistry. There's only so far that technology can go in providing a conduit through which hope, desire and dreams can be channelled.
Still entertaining us on TV, anyone who's watched Channel 4's popular dining and dating programme First Dates will be familiar with seriously suave smiling maitre d' Frenchman Fred Sirieix,
charismatically delivering his intro patter: “There is only one 'appiness in this life - to love and be loved, this is what we are all looking for.”
As lockdown progresses, the current series already seems to represent a bygone world – a restaurant full of clatter and conversation, with side orders of hope and expectation. Orchestrated from behind the scenes, each potential date is interviewed then goes to perch on a high stool at the bar chatting nervously to bartender and ‘

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