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  Becoming the first British European Space Agency astronaut to walk in the vacuum of space (copyright: ESA/NASA)
 Tim Peake, coped with Christmas in space
Christmas can be tough if you can’t see your loved ones, something that has been a real threat this
year because of the pandemic. So what must it be like to be isolated above the Earth on the International Space Station?
Army pilot-turned-astronaut Major Tim Peake knows exactly how that feels as he spent 2015’s festive season looking down on the billions of us who share the planet – including his adored wife Rebecca and two sons.
The 48-year-old – who spent two years in the mid-noughties helping to establish Wattisham Flying Station as Britain’s sole base for Apache helicopters – reveals all in his fascinating autobiography Limitless, newly published by Century.
After six years of hard work in preparation for the blast-off on 15th December, he says the chance for a little Yuletide rest and relaxation proved very welcome. The celebrations started in quite a traditional way with his crewmates digging out the resident ISS tree. “All of one foot tall,” he laughs.
“Santa hats were in evidence and our pre-packed Christmas stockings from Mission Control were hung up with care,” Tim continues.“Our ‘

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