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Local Knowledge
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Test your knowledge of East Anglia with these questions compiled by Adam Jacot de Boinod, a researcher for the BBC series, QI, and author of three books including ‘The Meaning of Tingo’
  1) Can you name a village in Norfolk beginning with the letter U?
2) Who hails from Framlingham and even wrote a song about the town's 12th Century castle?
3) What is Norfolk’s county motto?
4) Which A road will take you from Bury St. Edmunds to Lowestoft?
5) Where is the factory which begun in 1924 and processes sugar beet grown in Suffolk, Norfolk and Cambridgeshire?
6) Where are there shopping centres called High Chelmer and Meadows?
7) In the Suffolk dialect puggle is to wash clothes inadequately but what does nuddle mean?
8) Which river is 47 miles long and forms most of the county boundary between Suffolk to the north and Essex to the south?
9) 01284 is the area code for which location?
10) What is the name of Britain’s smallest pub in Bury St Edmunds?
11) Which artist, writer and broadcaster is from Chelmsford and studied art at Braintree College?
12) Which actress born in Ilford played Violet Crawley in Downton Abbey?
13) Can you name a village in Essex beginning with the letter I?
14) Brancaster is famous for its mussels but what is Cromer famous for?
15) In the Essex dialect bussock is a donkey but fleck is the soft hair of what animal?
16) In or near which town are there hotels called Tuddenham Mill and Bedford Lodge?
17) What sporting event takes place in the villages of Ampton, Horseheath and Higham?
18) Which town and village beginning with Great and Little respectively lie between Stansted and Braintree?
19) What hotel is in the High Street of Lavenham?
20) Which A road will take you from Norwich to Kings Lynn? ‘ 15

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