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Polstead (between Sudbury and Hadleigh) owes its name, ‘place by the pools’, to the expanse of water at the foot of the village hill. It lies on the edge of the Stour Valley and is notorious for the legendary Red Barn Murder. Maria Marten and her lover, William Corder, met in the Red Barn in May 1827 with the intention of eloping. It was here that Corder killed Marten, before taking flight. He sent letters to her family claiming that all was well with the couple, but her father discovered her body a year later, leading to Corder’s trial and hanging in Bury St Edmunds.
Suffolk-pink cottages stand between the village green and the medieval Church of St Mary the Virgin, creating this classic picture-postcard view of Cavendish. The village green was declared ‘liveliest in the country’ in 2010 by The Sunday Telegraph, Life, a well-deserved accolade given the abundance and popularity of events held there. From plant fayres to vintage car displays, the list is endless.
St Nicholas Church and Church Cottage create this classic view of Rattlesden between Bury St Edmunds and Stowmarket. The enchanting timber-framed cottage is largely mid fifteenth century, whereas parts of St Nicholas Church predate this by roughly two hundred years. Both are amongst approximately 60 beautiful, listed buildings in this officially designated conservation area.

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