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 21) Which theatre is based in the Westgate area of Ipswich?
22) What is the name of the Norfolk residence of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge?
23) Where is home to the most easterly point in the UK?
24) What links the cathedrals at Lichfield, Truro, Norwich and Salisbury?
25) What is the name of Suffolk’s Anglo- Saxon burial site and country manor?
26) What country house near Bury St Edmunds is a neoclassical building set in parkland?
27) What appears on the shield used as a symbol of East Anglia for centuries?
28) Where did Jane Taylor live to write her famous perennial bedtime favourite Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in 1806?
29) What is the county flower of Suffolk?
30) Where are there shopping centres called Chantry Place and Castle Quarter?
31) Which painter was born in East Bergholt in Essex in 1776?
32) Which theatre is based in St. John's Alley in Norwich?
33) What was the name of Benjamin Britten’s partner?
34) Which female artist, born in Sudbury in 1945, is known for her intricate land and seascapes?
35) In the Norfolk dialect what instruction to a horse is harley-harther?
36) Which two Essex batsmen have scored the most and third most runs for England respectively?
37) 01473 is the area code for which location?
38) With what do you associate Brandon, St. Peters and Nethergate?
39) What is the nickname of Norwich City Football Club?
40) In which Norfolk town is the new hotel The Harper?
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