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 Catherine Jade modelling for designers Dimple Amrin (left, black dress). Chona Bacaoco from MM Milano The Brand (middle, red dress) and Michael Lombard (right, leather dress). All are at London Fashion Week Images:
Milan London, New York
. . . Elmswell
West Suffolk based model and solicitor Catherine Jade talks about life on the catwalk
How did you first get into modelling?
When I was 16, a friend needed a model for their GCSE Media Studies project and asked if I would be willing to help them out. I thankfully said yes as I got such a buzz from the photoshoot and I realised how much I loved the creative side of it all.
This shoot marked the start of my modelling journey as I then started to approach local photographers to try and build up a portfolio. I did this for a few years whilst studying at sixth form and university. It was so hard as I would contact numerous photographers to only
hear back from a small handful. As I was building up my work I would continually try to get signed by a London Agency. After countless rejections, I finally managed to get signed not by one, or two, but three different agencies. Hard work and perseverance really does pay off. ‘

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