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  ‘ camera operator and I have been working with him ever since. The stills photography followed from that.”
Bill has worked at London charity raising events in places like the Royal Albert Hall, Festival Hall and The Barbican, taking group pictures and rehearsal/concert shots.
“I realised that I would need a website to sell the photos to the participants - the arrangement I have with a lot of the organisations I work for is that I give them the pictures for free but retain the rights to sell the images, it works for both parties.
“I have recently had a go at photographing rock music concerts. We had a Queen tribute band at St Peters here in Sudbury a year or so ago, thoroughly enjoyed it especially as I didn’t have to wait for the loud bits which is my ‘cue’ in the classical concerts.”
Above and left: “Freddie Mercury” and “Brian May” from a Queen tribute band at St Peters in Sudbury
 Massed violins from a gala concert by The Suzuki Institute at the Royal Albert Hall in 2016

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