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  the COUNTRYSIDE issue
 Where and how
to watch wildlife
in West Suffolk
What better, in these more isolated times, than to discover new things about nature? Ian Shilling has a guide for beginners
I’ve been letting a bit more wildlife into my life in recent weeks. Watching wildlife has just become more popular for obvious reasons, and it would be great to think the habit will outlast the pandemic. While my world became smaller, what
was closest to me became magnified as I gave the garden more attention and witnessed more wildlife in the process. Bird-watching, pond-dipping, and spotting
different flowers, have always been popular pastimes for many and if there have been any positives, it’s that many are re-connecting with nature - it makes us feel better!
For beginners, getting to know your local wildlife is a rewarding activity, and it really does begin at home. The likes of David Attenborough, Chris Packham and Michaela Strachan all started somewhere and it was ‘

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