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A second wind
For the past year or so it’s almost been like orchestral manoeuvres in the dark as out of the spotlight musicians have tried to keep motivated by practising at home, or playing to online audiences. But now the Suffolk Philharmonic Orchestra are returning to the stage next month with a feast of Mozart, and Caroline Fitton can’t wait . . .
 After all the deprivations of lockdown and not being able to see or hear any live performances, the concept of live music still seems doubly enticing. A world class line up beckons in early
October as the Suffolk Philharmonic Orchestra bring a joyful programme of Mozart featuring two
outstanding soloists, celebrating their return to live performance.
Orchestra founder and conductor Leslie Olive is thrilled to be back on stage soon and reflects on how the past year has been: “Musicians are endlessly creative, and deprived of the normal programme of concerts and events, many have found ways of serving ‘

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