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Christmas is a time for homecomings and sharing good memories so we asked some former Bury St Edmunds residents, who have moved from the area, what they miss about the town
Andy Cooper is an ex-Bury Free Press journalist now living in Devon and editor of Devon Life magazine
Ileft Bury St Edmunds in 1995 . . . but Bury never left me. There’s just something special about the town if you have ever lived and worked there, isn’t there? But what is it, what is the X factor which
stands Bury apart from so many other places in the UK?
Maybe it’s the way modern day development hasn’t really encroached on those pretty town centre streets over the years. I know councillors and planners often get a bad rap now and again but it is undeniable they are to be congratulated over the years on keeping the ancient look and feel of the town centre relatively intact. And if you want to see what happens when that isn’t done, then ladies and gentlemen, I give you Chelmsford.
That protection of the town’s natural heritage
means such delights as the Abbey Gardens, Angel Hill, St Edmundsbury Cathedral and the Athenaeum, among so many others, stand proudly at the centre of Bury. That gives the town a unique core which is such an attraction for locals and visitors alike.
Maybe when I was a local I took it a little for granted but the passing of time – and perhaps being able to experience so many other towns as my career took me from Essex to Devon then Cornwall to Somerset and back to Devon again – has made me appreciate just how special Bury truly is.
Both my boys (now aged 29 and 26, so boys no more) were born at the West Suffolk Hospital and so can proudly state Bury St Edmunds as their birthplace. (And number two son is a confirmed Tractor Boy as a result of this proud ‘

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