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  Above: Horn soloist Benjamin Goldscheider and below, Orchestra founder and conductor Leslie Olive.
Right: Soprano soloist Jane Burnell
 Autumn outreach programme
The Suffolk Philharmonic vision is that great music is for everyone, dedicated to broadening access to world class musicians. Their powerful outreach programme enables those who can’t get to concerts to sample a unique experience, with a small ensemble of the orchestra's musicians visiting care homes, community centres and schools, allowing children to gain invaluable opportunities to experience playing alongside international musicians, via workshops.
Leslie Olive explains: “SPO Community Concerts bring an hour’s wonderful music to villages and localities at lunchtime or tea time during the week. Often presented in association with Suffolk’s Rural Coffee Caravan, they help to combat loneliness and isolation – something needed more than ever now as Covid restrictions begin to ease.
Community Concerts offer a welcome, food and drink, companionship, an hour’s stupendous music, and a time to remember and treasure. And thanks to generous grants they are completely free of charge to audience members - we know from audience feedback that these occasions mean the world to many people.”
Glowing testimonials bear witness to the unforgettable experiences and empowerment brought by the programme, while demonstrating the therapeutic qualities of wellbeing that great music brings, comments ranging from: "You have cheered and soothed a very troubled soul - thank you!" to “What a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. The music was so enjoyable, I loved the variety. The music was joyful and uplifting, and I liked having the musicians 'among us' rather than on a stage.”
Linked to their Apex concert on 9 October, an
ensemble will be delivering various outreach performances (lunch or tea often provided free by the Rural Coffee Caravan) including Thursday 16 September at Hardwick Primary School, Hardwick Community Centre and West Suffolk Hospital; Friday 17 September at Newmarket Hospital, Barrow Primary School and Brandon Primary School; Tuesday 21 September at Bury's Riverside School Special Needs and Glastonbury Court Care Home; Wednesday 22 September Sudbury Special School and Hillside Care Home; Wednesday 13 October, Hollesley Bay Prison, Leiston; Hollesley Village Hall; Thursday 14 October, Thomas Mills High School, Framlingham Community Centre; Friday 15 October, Sir John Leman High School, Beccles, All Saints Church, Worlingham, Bungay Community Centre; Tuesday 19 October, Trimley Primary Schools, and Trimley Village Hall.
Image: Kaupo Kirkas

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