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  Lying Maltese cross twist poses (a must as you get the whole bed to yourself) Releases and destresses tight shoulders, necks, hips and backs. Aids digestion and rebalances body and mind.
Bend it like Baker
Yoga expert Carole Baker with try at home exercise tips
Chair pose (hover above the sofa!) Strengthens the muscles of the legs, stretches the shoulders, stimulates the digestion. Saves on central heating as it gets you warm.
We all need the benefits of yoga more than ever right now. Here are some fabulous poses you can try at home, without needing to invest in a yoga mat.
They can help improve your flexibility, reduce back pain, strengthen key areas and improve circulation. Yoga has been scientifically shown to help improve the functioning of the immune system and increase lymphatic flow plus reduce your stress levels. Anecdotally, it is said to reverse the ageing effects of gravity and I am up for that.
As with anything new, please exercise caution when trying these poses at home. There are free videos with full instructions, including precautions and contraindications on my website here, along with many more example poses and home practice sessions.
n Carole is currently offering classes and one-to-ones on Zoom until lockdown ends. More information at
Flank stretch pose (use the dining table to hold on to) Lengthens the hamstrings, releases tight lower back, opens shoulders.
   Legs up the wall pose
(any wall, anywhere)
The ultimate relaxing and restorative pose, gentle inversion to stimulate blood flow to the intervertebral discs and brain and reverse the downward stagnation of lymph in the pelvis, legs and ankles from too much sitting.
Shiva balance (hang on to the kitchen worktop and practice letting go) Releases a tight piriformis often one of the causes of sciatica – opens up the hips and improves leg strength and bone density from weight bearing, enhances balance and concentration.

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