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“The gentry struck me off as I had peed in the rectory flowerbed. A little recycled Tio Pepe never killed a wallflower.”
Kim Smith raises a glass to the memory of Jeffrey Bernard, a one-time Suffolk resident and a writer with a legendary vocabulary
 A menace to sobriety
The heavenly village of Chelsworth seems an incongruous setting for a hellraiser. Yet for six years in the sixties and seventies it was home to one of the most notorious. Jeffrey Bernard (he insisted on pronouncing his surname B’nard so
that the second syllable rhymed with hard), was a heavy- drinking womaniser and compulsive gambler who found fame by writing an hilarious weekly column about the wreckage of his life in The Spectator magazine.
His often self-pitying observations earned him the epithet of the Tony Hancock of journalism, and were later
The writer Jeffrey Bernard in 1976

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