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Safeguarding family wealth across generations
Sam Jackson of Churchgates on the importance of Trusts and estate planning. Part 2 next month
More than just estate planning
You have attained a certain degree of success in life and you recognise that the benefits of prosperity come with equal challenges. Successfully moving your money and ideals on to the next generation is among those obstacles. It is not a problem you will face on your own; by 2048, an estimated £5.5 trillion is projected to transfer to the next generation (Source: ). The issue? Without proper planning, the wealth, properties, and unity of many families may vanish after an estate transfer.
At Churchgates, we recognise that the transfer of wealth amounts to far more than a mere estate planning objective. We know it for what it truly is: a chance
for your family to grow closer and stronger. A chance not just to pass on your wealth, but also the ideals that have enabled you to create and maintain it over the years. An opportunity to communicate openly and honestly, and to cultivate forward-looking discussions with family regarding business succession, family values and responsible stewardship.
As you move through this process, a careful approach and collaboration with your trusted advisers is required. We can offer the resources, services, and knowledge that you need to fulfil the unique demands of wealth – for the benefit of your family and the values that you respect the most.
Bringing up the right questions
It is important to explore carefully and understand the concerns you want your legacy plan to address.
You might find, like many, that you do not know where to start. That is okay – your team of professional advisers can help you by providing a framework to ensure all the crucial common concerns are covered. Some central questions to consider should assist as you begin to contemplate your strategy.
Main questions to bear in mind
n What legacies would you like to leave and to whom? You should consider non- financial aspects such as beliefs, aspirations, the positions you would like members of your family to fill, and more.

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