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 The River Stour Trust’s electric sightseeing boat on the river in the Great Cornard area
‘ very early morning or late evening. St Peters is a magnet in the Market Hill and some of the older buildings are of interest but it is the water meadows that are the jewel in the crown of Sudbury’s photographic sights. The way the
weather changes throughout the year creates a wide range of photo opportunities, summer and autumn are good but winter and spring bring misty sunrise mornings and early sunsets. I do like the summer sunrises though, getting
up at 4.30am or a bit later to catch them means you will mostly have the meadows to yourself for a couple of hours until the dog walkers start coming out. The only people you are likely to meet at that time are other like minded photographers of which we have a pretty talented bunch in Sudbury, many of whom I am proud to call friends.
Where is your favourite place to photograph in West/South Suffolk?
Its funny but I don’t really go to many other locations in Suffolk just to do photography. I recently did a sunrise at Pin Mill, which was glorious, but usually it’s down to the meadows, or a short drive to Agar Fen for some woodland photography which I am still trying to get right. I do plan to try some spots further afield in the near future but that entails getting up even earlier!
Your day job is with a sign and graphics company in Colchester, what exactly do you do there?
I’m an estimator and advisor at NES, a sign and graphics company in Colchester where I have been for the last 27 years. I use a fair bit of my holiday allowance to be able to cover music concerts. During the pandemic I was originally working from home but was then furloughed for several months. I decided that I was not going to waste the time and initially got a few DIY jobs done at home but them moved onto tidying up my hard drives, putting together a show reel and setting ‘
  Top: The cottages behind the Mill Pond on the water meadows, this one is a long exposure to get the still water. Above: Brundon Mill

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