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Every picture tells a story
  Queen’s Silver Jubilee
Over the years the announcement of a royal visitor coming to the area has always filled me with anticipation. “But the events are usually a blur of quick thinking action. You are constantly being moved along, always conscious of that possible split second moment when you could get the picture of the day. One of my favourite images was this one taken on my first royal assignment - The Queen during a Silver Jubilee visit to Ipswich in 1977.”
Bury St Edmunds based photographer Andy Abbott has covered news stories in the region for decades, often being first on the scene to capture headline- making incidents. Here he picks out some of his most memorable images and explains the stories behind them
 Thrust II
“Another world exclusive was when I managed to gain access to Wattisham Airfield and obtain the first images of Thrust II
which was trialling its jet engine in the aircraft testing bays prior to Richard Noble’s World Land Speed Record attempt, a record he held from 1983 to 1997.”

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