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Country Life
  Teaching children food ethics has led to a Stansfield family making their smallholding a haven for rare breeds. Caroline Fardell paid them a visit
Many farmers believe food traceability - and the sometimes uncomfortable facts of how it gets to your dining table - should be explained to consumers. In fact, River Glem
Smallholders came about when Fay Gridley and her husband, Kevin, wanted to find a way to teach their
daughters exactly where their food came from. Starting with a handful of hens in the back garden, Fay and her family now rear sheep, goats, cattle, pigs
and turkeys and sell the meat at local farmers markets and through a local box scheme.
Living in Stansfield, in the heart of rural West Suffolk, Fay juggles a virtually full-time job with ‘
With a cluck-cluck here,
and a baa-baa there

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