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 Stealth Bomber refuelling
“A B2 Spirit Stealth Bomber being refuelled over the snow covered mountains of the Scottish Highlands was an exclusive opportunity I had thanks to the USAF and a flight in a KC135 Stratotanker from RAF Mildenhall in June 2000.”
Mini Metro Exclusive
One of my most incredible experiences was back in August 1980, a normal routine day of assignments when, late afternoon, we had a tip-off that the ‘new car of the decade’, the Mini Metro, was being filmed for an advertisement around Lavenham.
“The only image seen of this innovative vehicle was a blurred picture as it was moved between sheds at Longbridge and it was a most sought after exclusive as it was being unveiled for the first time at the Motor Show in October. To cut a long story short there was nothing at Lavenham so on a whim I drove to the other landmark tourist spot locally, Kersey.
As I approached the village I knew I had hit the jackpot. In front of me at the top of the hill were two giant vehicle transporters shrouded in black covers. I parked the car, approached the ford and could hear the sound of car engines approaching when I was confronted by two huge security guards who told me to go as everything was embargoed. Ducking beneath the ramp of a cattle lorry I took pictures while also watching out for the guards searching for me. When I ran to the Bell pub to excitedly phone the office with my “scoop”
(life before mobile phones!) these guards were there looking very threatening. The pictures made the Evening Star next day and were used low key in the East Anglian Daily Times after red
hot telephone conversations and a compromise between senior British Leyland executives and editors. My negatives were confiscated as part of an agreement to avoid further exposure.”

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