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 Water margins: A drone shot of the water meadows during the floods earlier this year
‘ up a couple of online shops with Etsy and nuMonday, these still need a bit of work. Once the full lockdown was eased I started getting out early, not just for sunrise but even earlier to try a bit of astro photography, something I still have to work on. I also worked on a bit of abstract art using Photoshop to turn some of my images into crazy shapes.
Photographing people or places – if you had to choose what would it be?
Although landscape photography is my regular release I do have a soft spot for people, and my music photography is really taking pictures of people who just happen to have instruments in their hands. I have a long held dream of taking a market stall one Saturday and inviting people in to have their portrait taken, 100 everyday Sudbury people in a single day, headshots in black and white which could be a book or an exhibition, one day perhaps.
Where can people see and buy your work?
My work can be seen at my website, which is divided into various sections for events, sports (local fun runs, the Sudbury Regatta etc), landscapes, abstracts, etc.
Also if you search for PhotosbyBillHiskett on you will find a selection of landscape and abstract work.
Or I can be contacted at
  Cows graze on the meadows during the summer and this one is on the Floodgates Pool bridge. Right: A rower on the river early one morning

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