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 Colourful small and bold, the Blue Tit can be acrobatic on your birdfeeder, sometimes hanging upside down to do its foraging
The pecking
 You may find Goldfinches in areas of weeds, and they especially like thistles
With spring just around the corner, Jackie Mellor passes on some photographic tips for capturing birdlife in your garden
n Charge your batteries and clear your memory card
n Set your camera up so that you have less to think about when you start to shoot
n Decide where you are going to create your photographs and make sure you are wearing suitable clothing
n Clear your mind and leave your worries behind you
n Choose a subject
n Assess the light
n Set your ISO according to the
brightness of the light. Low ISO = Bright light / High ISO = Low light
n Set your aperture and shutter speed according to the subject and the type of image you are trying to create
n Make adjustments to your aperture, shutter speed or ISO to balance your exposure
n Take shots from different angles and points of view, noticing the light and where things are placed within the image
n Think about the rules of composition and how you can apply them to create a more compelling image

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