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MS Panto, but not as
 you know it, this
Christmas UU
A Politico-Panto with topical seasoning at Norwich
 Inspired by one of the most legendary heroes of all time, Robin Good: The Politico-Panto is panto’s sassy, smart-mouthed and irreverent cousin, providing sharp-
witted satire this Christmas.
Robin Good is a celebration of society
and how it’s becoming more open to different ways of looking at things. Robin is a young queer socialist vegan social
media influencer, who alongside Marion stands up against the newly created Minister for Greed & Division. With Dame Stratton Strawless and The Sheriff of Norwich also starring, expect much local humour and satirical references as our hero tries to stop Norfolk becoming a playground for the super-rich.
It features a brand new musical score from an exciting young composer, Max
“Robin is a young, queer, socialist, vegan, social media influencer, who alongside Marion stands up against the newly created Minister for Greed & Division.”
Gallagher plus an ensemble cast of brilliant actor-musicians who will play a huge range of different instruments live throughout the show. It is written by award-winning Norfolk playwright and Norwich Theatre Associate Artist, James McDermott (Time and Tide).
Norwich Theatre Chief Executive & Creative Director, Stephen Crocker said: “We create our Playhouse Christmas show to sit alongside our traditional Theatre Royal Pantomime as we love seeing how so many people plan a festive trip to the theatre as a special moment to come together with loved ones at Christmas.
“I am so excited about bringing this show - our ‘politico-Panto’ - to life with such an exhilarating group of creatives and providing a fresh, new and different source of festive fun and laughter. It is cheeky, irreverent and sharp-witted. It’s panto, but not as you know it!”
The Playhouse is an award-winning venue for comedy and an integral part of Norwich Theatre, the largest arts organisation in the East of England. Comprising three venues - Norwich Theatre Royal, the Playhouse and Stage Two – plus a digital stage, Norwich Theatre presents a vibrant programme of performance and creative activities to entertain, enrich and inspire audiences of all ages and backgrounds.
Norwich Theatre also produces work, including Robin Good and the Theatre Royal pantomime, which this year is Dick Whittington and his Cat. Booking for both shows is open now!
Robin Good promises an uplifting Christmas experience, celebrating diversity, community and the enduring triumph of right over wrong.
n Robin Good is playing at Norwich Theatre Playhouse from Wednesday 8 to Sunday 19 December 2021.
Tickets from £14. Age recommendation: 14+
Book online at or call 01603 630000.

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