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 Listen out for the drumming of the lesser Spotted Woodpecker this spring. You may have more chance of hearing than seeing them
 The Mallard is a duck for all seasons and all waters - but only big gardens with water features may
attract them. The drake, pictured, is a handsome bird
n Have an open mind and be ready to notice new things and capture the unexpected
n Evaluate your photographs as you go along and make adjustments
n When you have finished creating photographs, review them on your computer, select the best and show them to someone
n Make further modifications and adjustments using editing software to correct and enhance your photographs
n Share the photos with others, online, print them or make a photo-book
n If you get frustrated or make mistakes, never fear. Just review your work and try something different next time. There is no such thing as failing - only learning.
Photographs by Alison Kenny, Mill Tye Gallery Shoot & Share Facebook Group and Jackie Mellor from Just Jaq Photography.

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