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   5 tips to manage back to work
  promotion, adding a new skill to your skillset, or working towards a new career altogether. Writing down your goals and values as you return to the workplace can give you a renewed sense of purpose and optimism.
It’s important to remember that you will not be the only person returning to work who feels like this. Talking to your colleagues is a great first step in acknowledging how you feel and helping each other to adapt to another period of change.
At Three Eggs, we work with organisations to encourage an open mental health culture. This means that everyone feels more comfortable to discuss how they’re feeling, which encourages them to support each other when someone’s mental health is suffering. We run mental health
awareness workshops, Mental Health First Aider training and e-learning courses and webinars that can be completed by the whole team, regardless of where they’re based.
The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted the mental health of many people, who may not have suffered from poor mental health before. Workplaces can provide support to help everyone through this new period of change and manage the anxiety they may be experiencing.
n Three Eggs Training can support your organisation with all aspects of creating a positive mental health workplace.
e: t: 01284 774722
“Try to focus on your strengths and the things that have gone well, rather than the negatives and things that might happen. Resilient people recognise the skills they have used in the past to give them the confidence to navigate new challenges successfully.”
1. It is normal to experience feelings of anxiety when we go through periods of change
2. Learning to manage our feelings can make us more resilient
3. Focus on the things you can control today, rather than those that you can’t
4. Try to see the change as an opportunity
5.Talk about how you’re feeling and share your experience with others

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