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 How about writing about your pick of wines to take to a Desert Island, suggested my editor when planning this
article. That got me thinking, should they be wines that I’d love to drink, and would therefore be a list of top First Growth Bordeauxs, Romanee Conti from Burgundy, California’s Opus One and Penfold Grange from Australia, in other words super-expensive wines that I’ll probably never taste?
Or should it be about some of my favourite wines that I have tasted and therefore can justify their inclusion?
Going for the second option based on
the premise that at least it would include wines that are available to us mere mortals, it quickly became obvious that it isn’t just the liquid in the bottles that make them so memorable. Though the ones I’ve chosen are all very good wines, two other factors came into play that make them ‘special experiences’ rather
than just a delicious drink. I’m lucky that my wife Fiona loves wine too, and it’s the presence of her and other friends that make these choices special. While at least one of the tastings took place at home, others depend on a specific occasion or location where I had the wine. It really is a multi-sensation experience.
There’s more to wine than what’s
in the bottle
While the quality is important, it’s who you’re with, and where you are when you drink it, that makes a wine really memorable, says Martin Higginson

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