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    cellar-door facility that’s almost ready and where people can visit and buy our wines.
We are also looking to get our wines into local restaurants, particularly those who concentrate on using food from local suppliers.” One
particular success story is getting their wines into Bury’s Pea Porridge, Suffolk’s only Michelin- starred restaurant. “Our outlook and culture make a perfect fit with them,” says Hans.
Ark Wines certainly look to have a rosy
future. Check them out on social media to see when their cellar-door shop opens this summer but be warned, once you visit you won’t ever want to leave!
Images: Damien Hockey
  The Wines
2020 Chardonnay & Bacchus blend (£24). A nice easy-drinking blend (65:35) with the Chardonnay softening the Bacchus which can be sometimes a very acidic wine on its own. A fruit- forward wine with a good long finish.
2021 Pinot Gris Rosé (£27) –One-day maceration on the skins to give a nice bold colour. Unfiltered and in the Italian style of rosé rather than Provence.
2020 Pinot Noir Red (£28) – a lovely bright colour and light body typical of a cooler-climate Pinot Noir. Hedgerow fruits with just enough tannins without the mouth-drying-out effect. Would go really well with dried meats and cheeses..
2020 Ripasso Noir (£30). The dried fruit intensity is certainly there, and it also adds to the alcohol (13%). “This was the first year trying the Ripasso method and so we will continue the works with refining the wine” says Hans. A work in progress and something quite unique for UK wines. Well worth a try.

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