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 Philip Turner illustration by Sherry Tolputt
“You can instill a culture of always trying to improve and learn . . . of getting things right, setting a high standard.”
getting things right, setting a high standard. The other day we had some napkins for one room that were different from those in another, and it was driving me crazy. And while it is nice to have a well kept garden area if it is high maintenance who is going to look after it?
“I was also looking at the three entrances to The Northgate in Bury St Edmunds and realised you may not straightaway see one of our staff on arrival.”
He also found - during a newsworthy
potwashing session at The Crown, Stoke-by-Nayland - some better quality saucepans would benefit the kitchen.
“They were incredibly busy with the Eat Out To Help Out scheme and needed more help so I volunteered. It was a Tueday night during that August heatwave and my shift was from 5pm to 12.45am . . . of course, the fact I was wearing a Rolex while washing away got some comments, but it was a morale booster with lots of banter and bonding, plus I saw first hand they
needed better utensils!”
Turner, 52, says there is more to do
and he is not finished growing the business yet. But having had more than his share of highs and lows (the fire that decimated a renovated Three Blackbirds at Woodditton two year’s ago hit hard) no-one could blame him for setting a date to step down, or be less involved.
“I’ll only fall out of love with it when I see something about us that’s unfair on social media and it doesn’t wind me up,” he shoots back.

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