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 Why we
eat fish on
John Dory on reasons for the Easter tradition
Tradition says that fish is the meal of of Christ’s death as a reminder of this and so
as to ‘unite their sufferings'.
So why is it okay for us to eat fish and not meat? Meat was seen as something eaten during feasts, but fish was seen as an ‘everyday thing’, especially as most people were fishermen. Times have changed considerably since then with many people viewing fish as the more luxury item today. The fish tradition is as much a part of Easter as chocolate eggs and the Easter bunny, only this tradition goes back much further.
choice on Good Friday although many
won't know the reason for this.
It’s a tradition that stems back to Roman Catholic customs of old to not eat the flesh of warm-blooded animals on Fridays, to acknowledge and do penance for the death of Jesus.
Good Friday marks the day Jesus Christ was crucified. According to Christianity, Jesus sacrificed his flesh on Good Friday, when he was executed and died for our sins. For this reason, the Church encourages followers to abstain from meaty flesh on the anniversary
  Orders now being taken for Easter
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Tuesday to Friday
Newmarket and Surrounding Areas, Payment via card over the phone
Call 01638 664 560
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 Plaice recipe from FISH of Newmarket
n 2 Plaice fillets, Skinned and Cut in half lengthways
n Tomatoes sliced so they cover the bottom of your oven dish n Wild rocket
n 2 slices bread (we used a seeded
brown loaf)
n Splash of cream
n Grated cheddar
n Start off by heating your oven to gas 6,
electric 180oc, put a decent layer of rocket
in the bottom of your oven dish.
n For the breadcrumbs put your bread and a handful of the rocket into a blender and blitz them until the rocket and the bread have turn into crumbs.
n Remove the breadcrumbs from the blender and in a bowl mix in the grated cheese and season well.
n Cover the rocket in the sliced tomatoes, season well and pour over the cream.
n Roll your plaice fillets from the thicker end and put them on top of the tomatoes.
n Finally cover the entire dish in the breadcrumbs and bake in the oven for 15-20 minutes.

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