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  Meanwhile . . . some beers for the barbecue
ingredients to make an authentic one, they can be faffy to make, and unless you follow the recipe they can be a head-shuddering disaster.
The drinks trade has tried hard over the past few years to produce decent tasting, ready-made cocktails, but most are not good, often relying on high levels of sugar and little alcohol. That’s why we say hats off to Suffolk-based company Niche Cocktails who produce a range of premium quality, premium strength, ready- mixed cocktails that are tasty, authentic, and require
Le Sabbie dell'Etna Rosso (£12.99) is a good example of
the oh-so-on-trend wines
produced on the volcanic slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily.
nothing more than opening the can, adding lemon or lime, and pouring over ice to prepare. Niche Cocktails launched their canned range in late January and things were looking good until lockdown occurred.
There are currently two classic short cocktails, a delicious, smokey Blood Orange Old Fashioned with Bourbon, and a rich, caramely Manuka Honey Whisky Sour in portion-sized 150ml cans, and a longer (250ml) refreshing Matcha Mojito. They are perfect for a single measure and while social-distancing seems to be with us for a while, taking a couple of these out to an authorised meeting seems like a great idea. Order them direct at
Whatever happens over the next few months we’ll be there to suggest wines and other drinks for you to try. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and once normality returns we’ll be back with our wine-tasting evenings and WSET wine courses. Keep safe and keep in touch at
Martin Higginson
Hawkshead Brewery shares its top three barbecue beers and the best foods to pair them with.
Windermere Pale – 3.5% ABV £30 reduced from £37.05 (24 x 500ml bottles)
A super light and refreshing pale ale, the fruity bitterness of Windermere Pale makes it bright enough to cut through the full flavours of barbecued meats and cheeses. This multi-award winner bursts with flavour from its signature hop, Citra, and is brewed with soft Lakeland water, Marris Otter malted barley and whole cone hops.
Session Hazy – 4.5% ABV £30 reduced from £40 (24 x 330ml cans)
A beautifully hazy session pale, Session Hazy offers a softer mouthfeel on the palate, as well as juicy fruits such as pineapple and tropical fruits from the abundance of American hops. With a lower level of bitterness it is the perfect beer for barbecued sticky ribs.
Helles Lager – 4.3% ABV £30, reduced from £42.75 (36 x 330ml bottles)
Crisp and clean, Helles Lager can be enjoyed with spicy barbecued food such as Thai veggie skewers, tandoori lamb chops or chilli prawns. A traditional style of pale Bavarian lager that originated in Munich, it is hopped with the classic German varieties Tettnang, Perle and Hallertau Hersbrucker. Refreshing and clean, this has subtle floral and spicy aromas, with a pleasant malt sweetness.

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