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Eating Out
      Willow Tree Farm, Glemsford
A new cafe is another reason to visit this popular farm shop between Melford and Cavendish
Film buffs will know it (other readers will think I’m barmy) but there is a line in the Kevin Costner film Field of Dreams that goes: “if you build it, they
will come.”
That relates to Costner’s character turning a cornfield into a baseball diamond so that the ghosts of great players, including his father, return to play on it. The creation of a smart, new cafe at Willow Tree Farm Shop, Glemsford, is not so mystical, though the Russell family, who run the business, say it was a vision many years in the planning.
Covid and the subsequent lockdowns and restrictions delayed its opening so when it was unveiled in the autumn of last year there was some trepidation. Customers at this popular farm shop had intimated they would support it, and a grant from Defra (available to rural businesses to help generate rural employment) helped, but co-owner Deborah Russell admitted it had been “a
vast project and a real step into the unknown”.
But sure enough people have come - and the busy trade points towards it being an almost instant success.
We visited one sunny midweek lunchtime (it’s on the main road from Long Melford to Cavendish) to find plenty of diners inside and - in an attractive terraced area - outside the cafe.
The waiting staff are very welcoming and attentive so that you immediately feel relaxed and ready to dive into a menu of treats.
I chose that day’s special, fish in Nethergate craft lager batter with hand- cut chips, peas and homemade tartare sauce. A mighty plateful of the tastiest of warm, fleshy fish and chunky chips, this was excellent value at £13.95.
For those who want something lighter there are lovely open sandwiches and savouries. The smoked king cured salmon with avocado, lime and chilli flakes on rye bread (£8.50) was ideal for two of our
group who wanted small bites rather than a heavy lunch.
That said they couldn’t resist the desserts on offer. Cake of the day was an apricot and almond tart served with a discreet dollop of homemade ice cream. It had so much flavour and the balance of textures was just perfect. Just as indulgent was a strawberry cheesecake served in a glass with a sprinkling of ameretti, and last but by no means least, some vegan chocolate cake was delicious.
The Russells (pictured above) would like Willow Tree Farm to be a ‘destination’, a place to spend some time, explore the well stocked shop, dine or snack in the cafe, and perhaps even have a hair cut at the adjoining Rosehip Hair Design. It’s well on the way to fulfilling that role, if it isn’t there already. Richard Bryson
n Willow Tree Farm, Lower Road, Glemsford CO10 7QU.
Call 01787 280341.

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