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In the second of our features on novice woodsman Ken Browne, we find out what he has been up to and how he is preparing the site for the colder weather
Ken Browne in his wood on the outskirts of Bury St Edmunds
Ithink more bluebells have been set and a beech hedge has now been planted in the wood - are there any other plans for the midwinter?
Yes, the wood is roughly rectangular and we've planted a 90cm bare-rooted beech hedge on the inside of one of the short ends. In time it should hide the rather
ugly perimeter mesh fencing and give that end a more rustic look.
We didn't set any more bluebells this year as a lot were planted last year along with tulips and daffodils. Hopefully they will spread themselves organically next spring.
I think you have some four legged pests at present and want to keep
them out?
I currently have one male muntjac, with two females in tow, and one ‘bambi’ recently born just in time for Christmas. Currently trying to figure out how to encourage them out as they are eating the shrubs in my garden. Perhaps your readers might have some suggestions?
  A Corsican Pine repurposed
Still standing, but sadly dead trees present a safety hazard to people and could potentially cause damage to property or fences should they fall of their own volition. So, from time to time we need to take these down professionally. As you can see from the photographs, we managed to create a mini-adventure playground out of this dead Corsican Pine. Seems to be a hit with a certain three-year-old...
The Stumpery
Over the years a number of trees, both large and small, have succumbed to high winds or disease and fallen over. After logging the fallen trunks, we are left with a stump which (when inverted) looks strangely interesting. At least to the eyes of some! So, I gathered a number of these together to create a “stumpery” which now lines the edges of a section of path. I used logs which act as mounts to raise them up off the ground and burned the bottom with a blowtorch. An old friend told me this trick which greatly slows down the process of rotting by introducing a carbonised layer between the wood and damp ground beneath.

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