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       Nice slices: Homemade cakes similar to those produced by Louise Mackrill, shown above in her kitchen
from what is local and on our doorstep. Indeed, I see it as vital that we do this.”
As front-of-house at a pop up restaurant supper, the urbane Hugh gives diners a flavour of what is to come, explaining where the ingredients for each dish originated from (which is usually just outside the kitchen door). Their events are a real team effort and anyone who has been lucky enough to attend a meal at Louise and Hugh’s pop-up restaurant will know that it isn’t only the delicious food
that pleases. There is a sense of warmth and companionship at such events that brings everyone together over food and wine in a way that stays in the memory for a long time.
There has been plenty written recently about the therapeutic benefits of spending time in the kitchen during lockdown. “For me,” explains Louise, “baking and cooking is like going for a walk; it can change your demeanour and I always feel much better for it. It brings
me so much pleasure.”
Louise admits she and Hugh have
missed being able to host events during lockdown restrictions and cannot wait until things get back to normal and they can resume welcoming guests, baking, cooking and creating menus to share with guests, friends and neighbours.
Meanwhile, The Cake Caravan, which has been a real lifeline to some, continues to offer sanity to Louise and delicious bakes for local people.

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