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  Colour curves
Two artists exhibiting at A2arts in Bildeston during September
Virginia Corbett:
Inspired by her local surroundings and seasonal change, Virginia experiments with various printing techniques and bold colour to create colourful abstract works. Her work has featured in national and international exhibitions including the Royal Academy of Arts. Virginia trained at St Albans School of Art (University of Hertfordshire).
Instagram; ginnycorb
Annabel Ridley
Annabel produces work using creative processes, memory, and drawing. The aim is to achieve a balance between figurative and surface, so that elements
work and interact on the same plane. Her work responds to the environment, coastal, inland, garden and
field. Annabel studied at St. Martins and Camberwell schools of Art in London and London University Institute of Education. Instagram: Garden_Studio_Suffolk
A2arts, Silwood Gallery, Consent Lane, Bildeston exhibition Sept 11-12, 18-19, 25-26. Times 10am-4pm

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