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Hooked on wine
Fly fishing is his hobby, ‘the grape’ is his business. Pete Goss explains the simple philosophy behind his burgeoning, Suffolk based, Mayfly Wine Company
The Mayfly Wine Company came into being via an ongoing obsession with wine, food and fly fishing and now four years on, we find
ourselves nestled in the glorious Suffolk countryside near Nayland.
My father, originally from Saffron Walden, always speaks fondly of Suffolk villages and Adnams Bitter and my mother, from Stavanger (Norway) still cooks endlessly and was the first person to take me fishing, so living in East Anglia embracing the wonderful produce and searching for trout rivers immediately felt like home !
I had always dreamt of becoming a
modern day Lovejoy, but while grafting as a porter for Christies, I soon found the grape more beguiling than 'brown furniture' so started my vinous path, cutting my teeth at some of London’s finest merchants.
It was just before setting up Mayfly that I managed to experience the raw reality of the vigneron’s life. I called friends Ben Adams and Paul Old of Les Clos Perdus in the Languedoc, purchased a one way ticket to Bezieres and proceeded to clamber up steep Catalan slopes spraying Grenache with Ghostbuster-like back packs for a couple of months – an incredible baptism of fire every wine merchant should undertake.
The Mayfly philosophy is simple; to make wine accessible. It is not just for highbrow Niles and Frasier-esque debates, but to be enjoyed by all and learnt about. We work closely with trusted suppliers and talented vignerons to source wines of exceptional quality for everyday drinking, serious collecting, festive events, and general merriment.
Our range is predominantly European with a strong focus on the great French regions (Burgundy, Rhone, Bordeaux, Champagne and Languedoc), with a solid selection from the USA including Californian legends such as Jim Clendenen’s Au Bon Climat Wines and Ridge Vineyards. We also take great

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