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“This is the first principle in all that we strive to do at Prepped, ' says
Louise Newby, Head of Learning at Bury St Edmunds’ new private tutoring academy located in the
centre of town.
Louise is a former St Benedict’s Head of Science, a
recent educational lead at the University of Cambridge and has an MEd from the University of Cambridge too.
Prepped Academy or Prepped, as the team proudly refer to it, is a private tutoring service with a difference. Not only do the tutors focus on helping students with developing their knowledge around the specific subject matter, they work with them to develop confidence and their approach to learning, in order that they can break down unhelpful barriers and focus on being the best they can be.
“A child’s wellbeing can have a huge impact on whether they enjoy, achieve and thrive within their educational setting,” says Dr Jo Baines, Clinical Lead at Prepped. ‘Confidence, in learning, in the classroom, within the school environment or in exam situations, has a tremendous impact on students and how they are able to engage. We see so many children who are
more important
than their ability
to learn”
held back by a lack of confidence in their early school years, or at transition points along their educational journey. This can lead to difficulties with anxiety, mood, and self-esteem, negatively impact achievement, and ultimately narrow their opportunities.
Dr Jo Baines is a local clinical psychologist with over 15 years’ experience working in the NHS and in other settings. She is realistic about the pressures that young people face and the broad impact that this can
Introducing Prepped, a new private tutoring service with a difference
“A child’s confidence in their ability is

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