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 ‘ wines, many claiming that it is sulphite that causes hangovers (bad news, it’s the alcohol that does that), but there seems to be a link between sulphite content and the triggering of asthma-like symptoms in some people.
So can you get wine which is basically raw, untouched with chemicals or animal products? Yes you can, and it’s one of the most on-trend styles of wine around, known as natural wine! They tend to be produced by small scale, independent producers in a sustainable way adding nothing, not even added yeast, and definitely no added chemicals. Most common are “orange wines”’ which are white wines made like a red wine where the skins and seeds stay in contact with the juice during fermentation. They also tend to be unfiltered which means they are often a bit cloudy and can have a ‘funky’ sherry-like aroma as they are prone to oxidation. We’ve tried some good ones but also have had our share of (literally) stinkers which have been poured down the sink. Whatever you think of them you should try them as they definitely challenge what people think is a ‘good wine’.
n The Suffolk Wine Academy plan to be back running our popular wine tastings in October, look out for our ‘Rioja and friends’ tasting with Casa restaurant in Bury as well our new WSET Level 2 course which will run during October and November. See for details or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.
Here’s some vegan-friendly and natural wines we recommend:
Adnams have around 80 different vegan wines of all styles and at all prices. For whites we really like their great value Côte de Gascogne Colombard (£6.99) and do try the crisp, fresh Adnams Gruner Veltliner from Austria (£9.89). For reds, the Californian Old Vine Zinfandel (£10.99) and Nero D’Avola Siciliane (£7.99) are both great examples of popular grape varieties.
Waitrose also have a good number of vegan wines. Try the Cornish Camel Valley Bacchus (£14.99) or if you want to try an orange natural wine try the Litmus Orange Bacchus (£15.99) from Surrey. A top class Southern France Pinot Noir from Domaine Degude (£11.99) is our choice from their vegan reds.
Nethergate Wines don’t have a huge range of vegan wines but their top-class Crozes- Hermitage Blanc from the Rhone is a real treat for the taste buds. (£18.52).

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