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    have on their overall wellbeing.‘Clinical Lead’ sounds rather formal, says Jo. “My real passion is working with young people to help them meet their potential, to manage challenges and ultimately to feel happy, calm and relaxed within themselves and in their lives. Our primary goal at Prepped is to ensure that all children have an opportunity to thrive, knowing that some will benefit from additional support to reach their potential”.
Prepped Academy is located on the first floor of a training facility on Angel Hill. The learning spaces, of which there are currently four, serve individual one to one sessions or up to four students in small groups. They provide expert additional tuition on all of the core curriculum subjects either face to face or via dedicated software with tutors and students sharing online learning spaces.
“We are lucky to have such a lovely, comfortable and dedicated learning environment,” says Louise. Each space has a UHD screen and our tutors can hook up to high speed broadband when necessary to help bring learning to life.
Far left and right:
Dr Jo Baines and Louise Newby of the Prepped Academy. Left and above: Young pupils in the Angel Hill classroom
We are located so close to the Abbey ruins, the building even has the old abbey walls underneath. There’s a drop off area outside and parking spaces are available on the Angel Hill or Ram Meadow.
Students have easy access to drinks and snacks while they are here and all equipment is provided. The environment is key to the ethos at Prepped; “we want this to be an extension of the school learning environment, but to feel different,” explains Louise.“Students at Prepped benefit from a relaxed, comfortable environment free of the pressures and distractions from bigger learning groups. This enables an intense and positive focus on learning, and the opportunity to develop mastery and confidence”.
Private tutoring has become a popular option for parents who want their children to have an additional opportunity for learning and support, though parents can face a difficult search or credible, trustworthy and appropriately qualified tutors. “We do not believe that tutoring is necessary for all children; we are lucky in this area to
have excellent schools providing good education,” says Louise. “However, for many children some additional focused input can make a significant difference, regardless of ability. At Prepped we are pleased to be able to offer children the opportunity to catch up, extend their learning, or develop advanced skills in a subject, and all with a keen focus on confidence and wellbeing alongside learning’’.
In addition to term time tuition Prepped Academy also runs unique, fun and creative holiday clubs from Christmas 2021 onwards. These clubs are designed by professionals who are also parents, to ensure the children carry on learning and have fun while their parents are at work.
Prepped Academy launched November 2021 on the Angel Hill in Bury St Edmunds. Prepped provides high quality, pupil focused tutoring in small groups or one to one sessions.
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