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  The U shape interior (above) has gathered a following due to its unique style and use of space. Below: The RTFD #1 interior currently for
of freedom at this much needed time was really cool, and long may it continue.
Can you give us an idea of costs?
This is a very tricky question to answer as the spec of every van can vary so much. Our focus is always on offering great value on investment for a truly unique product. Our hire vans are available from £100 per night, and pets are allowed. We also offer a ‘try before you buy scheme’ too where any hire customer who translates to a conversion or sale, gets part of their hire fee back.
Would you turn your hand to fitting out other car/van crossovers?
We have in the past but have chosen to focus solely on the VW Transporter platform for the time being. Its versatility and driveability - in comparison with a family car - is a huge reason many of our customers have come to us.
How can people find out more?
For all the latest updates check out our instagram @retrofitted - or visit for hire and current sale vehicles.
sale on the company’s website
 unique contemporary style. On the inside you’ll find sleeping for four, a gas hob and heating, sink and fridge freezer, plus a solar panel on the roof which powers the whole journey.
Your biggest challenge to date?
2020 was a challenge for everyone, but as a business we felt very fortunate to be able to make the most of the situation, it was with such great joy that we handed over many Campervans to families in time for a bit of an escape.
We launched our hire company last summer too, which was really exciting and well received. Being able to share our product with the public, and offer a sense

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