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1) What is the Suffolk’s ‘county flower’?
2) Which market town is home to the electrical firm Bosch and a Dulux paint factory?
3) What two colours appear on the Suffolk flag?
4) When is ‘Suffolk Day’?
5) Which famous Cardinal was born in Ipswich in 1475?
6) In the Suffolk dialect to ‘daddle’ is to walk like a young child trying to copy its father but what kind of walk is to ‘nuddle’?
7) What geographical feature in Suffolk have the names Box, Rat and Yox?
8) What is the area phone code for Lowestoft?
9) Which town beginning with the letter L is between Liston and Lavenham as the crow flies?
10) What is the county’s horse breed whose powerful frame pulled ploughs, cut corn and carried wheat to the mill?
11) Can you name somewhere in the county beginning with the letter Y?
12) Scroby Sands is a good place to watch what animal?
13) Who are The Ipswich Witches?
14) Where is there a massive plant producing sugar for the Silver Spoon label?
15) Which town on the river Deben has two pubs called The Angel and the Old Mariner?
16) What road takes you from Bury St. Edmunds to Ipswich?
17) What pub sport is ‘dwile flunking’?
18) Who owns the huge property called 'Wynneys Hall'?
19) Whose 4-metre-high steel Scallop is on Aldeburgh beach?
20) Can you name somewhere in the county beginning with the letter U?
21) In which year did Ipswich Town win the FA Cup?
22) Where is the Buttermarket Centre?
23) Which two painters were born 10 miles apart in Suffolk?
24) In the Suffolk dialect what does ‘ connivers and conovers’ mean?
25) Which town has a hotel called Bedford Lodge?
Adam Jacot de Boinod was a researcher for the first BBC series QI, compered by Stephen Fry, and is an author of three books including The Meaning of Tingo
 How Suffolk are you?
Test your local knowledge – can you solve these county conundrums?
1) The oxlip
2) Stowmarket
3) Blue and yellow
4) June 21st
5) Cardinal Wolsey
6) To walk alone with the head
7) Rivers
8) 01502
9) Long Melford
14) Bury St. Edmunds
15) Woodbridge
16) A 14
17) Floorcloth throwing and
20) Ubbeston, Ufford, Uggeshall or Upthorpe
held low
19) Maggi Hambling
10) Suffolk Punch horse 11) Yaxley or Yoxford
12) Seals
13) A British speedway club
dancing 18) Ed Sheeran
21) 1978
22) Ipswich
23) Constable and Gainsborough 24) Strange ways
25) Newmarket

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