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   Chip off the old block: Ken Browne in his wood
I think you are hoping your impressive Air Bee and Bee will have some guests soon?
Yes, I made a home for solitary bees and the like from some old pallets. My intention is to surround it with wild flowers so the bees have nectar close to hand.
Tell us about your attempt to attract hedgehogs into the wood?
I have adopted a couple of (male and female) hedgehogs from the Suffolk Hedgehog Hospital in Ousden. I also made a ‘Hog City’ consisting of a home for each (they are not that sociable) plus a separate dining room (see photograph on facing page). Unfortunately they
both ran off into the woods the
first night they were there and have never returned since which is a bit disappointing.
n We will return to Ken’s wood later in the year to see how work is progressing and check on what kind of wildlife have been visiting the site.

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