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                                   Jack’s dish of wild bass, saffron sauce, clams, crab, samphire and courgette. Top left is the bass fillet in a steamer, and right, Jack carefully plating up. Main image - the finished dish ready for eating
Jack and Phil at the back of The Sun Inn with a delivery of wild bass
All images Feast Publishing and Phil Morley Photography
‘ time. “I remember lots of noodles and broths and also the people buying fresh ingredients each day from the local market. I just loved the freshness and immediacy of it all. From that moment on I knew I wanted to cook and I became curious about different styles of food.”
On his return to the UK, he organised work experience in a local restaurant and worked in various Essex places before finding himself at The Sun Inn, initially as sous chef, and rising to head chef in 2015.
For all his international culinary curiosity, though, he’s happy in his home county where he enthusiastically supports local producers as well as The Little Fish Company.
“We regularly use growers like Jane Marshall for raspberries and apples, Angela MacLauchlan for berries from Boxted, Alison Bond, Dedham and Lawford, for organic salad, as well as apricots, aubergines and tomatoes in the summer months.”
n The Sun Inn, Dedham is currently closed though beer and wine is available from The Sun Inn’s shop by collection or delivery.
Essex Feast: One County, Twenty Chefs, written by Stephanie Mackentyre and produced by local food writer Tessa Allingham (pictured) at Feast Publishing, is a cookbook and food lovers’ guide packed with gorgeous photography and irresistible recipes. It is available, £24.50, from The Sun Inn and the other 19 featured restaurants, Waterstones, and online.
one county, twenty chefs
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Stephanie Mackentyre

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