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 Boho chic
Jane Cappleman gives us ideas for the home during festival season
This summer, why not celebrate and transform part of your home or garden into a bohemian festival- inspired masterpiece? There is nothing like the anticipation of listening to music in the summer sunshine with friends and seeing your favourite bands perform live on stage, meeting new people or just letting your hair down.
The reality of attending an open-air festival can be a complete mud-fest with wellington boots and raincoats, sadly it can be a major part of the experience! The beauty of creating a festive vibe at home is that you can concentrate on the best bits and leave all that rain and dirt behind.
A relaxed party atmosphere can be re-created in your home and garden for you and your friends to enjoy with a few design ideas and tips to transform your chosen space. When I was growing up, we had brightly coloured light bulbs festooned across the garden which were turned on whenever my parents were entertaining, making the garden look magical.
I love the variety of outdoor lighting on offer today, whether they are hard-wired or solar-powered, every garden should have a set of lights to enhance the party mood.
In last month's magazine, I spoke of incorporating floral aspects into the home with the use of large- scale wallpapers. Following on from that theme, another excellent way to bring summer into the home is by introducing house plants, whether it be

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