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 1990s, she found walking the Thames paths provided an antidote to her unhappiness. She became curious about those she saw on the foreshore searching for little treasures washed up by the tide and decided to join them.
This new hobby became so engrossing, she eventually turned it into a book called Mudlarking. Now she has followed up the Sunday Times bestseller with this entertaining and informative guide on how to discover other treasures hiding in plain sight in fields, beaches, gardens and even our homes.
It invites readers to make notes and record finds along the way and is packed with handy maps, charts, lists and tips on where and what to search for. KS
Panic As Man Burns
Crumpets by Roger
Lytollis (published by
LittleBrown, £16.99)
In this fast moving world
of digital media why read
about the experiences of a
regional journalist?
Because - and despite a fear of public speaking and engaging the public in conversation - Roger Lytollis is a reporter with a gift for writing and amusing self-deprecation. Regrettably local newspapers may disappear in the years ahead so if this book ever becomes a museum piece it will give the reader an insight into a world of colourful characters and remarkable stories. A little cynical, yes, but a book laced with good humour. Highly recommended. RB
Bosh! On A Budget by Henry Firth and Ian Theasby (Harper Collins, £16.99)
The journalist William
Sitwell left his job editing
Waitrose Food magazine
after mocking vegans. But
while elements of that decision hinted at a sense of humour bypass he must surely have known vegan recipes and features were becoming increasingly popular in his publication.
Excuse the pun but plant based cookbooks have sprung up all over the place and this is a good one, packed with hearty midweek dinners and comfort food feasts. As well as the obligatory stunning food shots there are plenty of budget friendly tips too. RB
Epic Hikes of Europe, Epic Bike Rides of Europe, Ultimate United Kingdom Travelist (Lonely Planet, priced £24.99, £24.99 and £19.99)
These are beautifully designed and informative coffee table books for the adventurer or curious tourist.
The newly published Epic Hikes details urban rambles to mountain summits, via wine tasting trails, coastal walks, cultural hikes and snowshoeing. From Andalucia to the Arctic Circle (plus a further 150 suggestions) there is enough here to tempt the long or short range walker in your life. Meanwhile Epic Bike Rides offers something similar for cyclists eager to explore Europe’s most thrilling routes on road, gravel and trails. You get one-day trips and family friendly bike paths with the selection spanning from Brittany to the Balkans.
Last but not least the Ultimate UK Travelist is a countdown of the top 500 unmissable experiences and hidden gems across Great Britain, as chosen by travel experts at Lonely Planet. Lavenham gets a mention as does Cambridge but what is the number one experience? Get the book and find out! RB

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