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   as did Hadleigh based label specialist Richard Ching & Sons Ltd.
I joined from school in 1980 and worked my way up from the shop floor to become the second and current Managing Director of Denny Bros Ltd in 2015 when Barry Denny became Chairman.
My brother Andrew is Managing Director of Fix-a-Form International Ltd and travels extensively including more than 30 trips to India in his role as a Director of Unick. Many other family members have contributed over the years and we remain a “family firm” today. My daughter Lucy joined us in 2011 and she is now our Marketing Executive. Our sister, Maureen, co-owns our retail business with Barry and her daughter Joy is Managing Director.
The business has also employed many non-family staff who have made an
excellent contribution. Some have spent their entire working lives here. The two brothers were unchanged by the success of the business and always treated their staff with humility and respect through both good times and challenging times. We
continue to operate by the values they gave us and remember both the sacrifices they made and the legacy they left with enormous admiration and gratitude.
They don’t make them like that anymore!
Above: Russell racing his motor cycle left, staff outside Denny Bros General Printers in St Andrews Street. Below, Russell Denny (left) and Douglas Denny (right), in 2007
 That was then: The printing premises in 1982

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