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  Tom Dixon glass terrarium available online
real or artificial (depending on how green-fingered you are) in pots, hangers, terrariums or just plant stands.
Adopting the Bohemian style or Boho d├ęcor combines the creative, carefree and the unconventional with an eclectic mix of colours, objects and patterns to reflect travel and experiences shared with others. Festivals are packed with these influences and vintage shops are a great source of both clothing and interior design accessories.
Items to look for are those with a slightly worn appearance but not broken. Furniture should be comfortable, warm, made of natural materials like wood, cane or willow and be able to tell a story.
Textiles should include crochet, macrame and knotting techniques with warm linen and cotton in neutral tones.Vibrant-coloured fabrics with large scale patterns can be combined in mismatching colours and scales.

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