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 Framlingham College
Education is evolving and Framlingham College is at the forefront of this change. Our priority is to prepare each child with the knowledge and skills they need to thrive as global citizens in their adult world.
Society is rapidly changing and we must ensure that our children will be ready to thrive within it; ready to adapt, think creatively, problem solve, face challenge with confidence, communicate well, know themselves and therefore better understand their place in the world.
So, what does this mean for education at Framlingham College? It means that we are revising our curriculum to ensure that it offers a seamless education for each child. This starts the moment they join us in the Nursery through to their departure at the end of the Sixth Form. Each Key Stage dovetails with the next and our focus is on embedding the spine of skills that form the backbone of all our teaching. Whether aged five or fifteen, we teach our pupils the essential skills of collaboration, creativity, emotional
intelligence, leadership, critical thinking, cognitive flexibility, resourcefulness and communication. When a young adult leaves Framlingham College, they leave equipped and ready for their adult world.
Our current focus is the Year 7-9 curriculum. These three years are crucial and we are moving away from the strictures of Common Entrance to shape a new, forward-thinking curriculum. We want each child to feel a buzz about their learning, to know the joy that is to be found in discovery, questioning and curiosity. Each child should know why their subjects matter, how they link together, and why they are relevant for their future.
Our intention is to grow our suite of GCSE subjects. We are considering the introduction of Business, Psychology and Classical Civilisation at GCSE. Our pupils have embraced the opportunity to study Government and Politics at A Level; it is clear that this generation of young people is hungry for a better understanding of their world.
In the Sixth Form we offer a range of A Level and BTEC courses. There is no stereotypical Framlinghamian: we allow each young person the space to discover their talents, develop their interests and choose their own path. Whether progressing to Oxford to read PPE or to Brighton to study film- making, we want each young person to aspire and to have high expectations of themselves.
At Framlingham, learning takes place in all that we do, within the classroom and beyond. From the stage or concert hall, to the sports pitch or expedition, our co-curricular programme allows our pupils to develop talents, discover new ones and learn about themselves. Underpinning everything is a strong pastoral network around each child: our tutorial and PSHE programmes, House structure and highly trained staff bring support, guidance and wisdom to bear as each child grows on their journey through the College.
 At Framlingham, our core purpose is:
‘To develop in each child the knowledge and skills they need to thrive as global citizens in their adult world.’ Louise North, Principal
Wednesday 7th October at 7pm
Thursday 1st October at 7pm
Tuesday 22nd September at 7pm
     Booking is essential. The Virtual Open Evenings will take place via Microsoft Teams
Framlingham, Suffolk. IP13 9EY • • 01728 723789

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