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 Brookes School
If you ask parents what they wish for their children, above all they say to be happy and healthy. Brookes School near Bury St Edmunds has built its ethos around that concept, giving children a positive foundation for learning, creating and innovating.
From the moment you arrive at Brookes’ seven acre rural campus, you can sense the school’s alternative approach.
There’s a close-knit family environment and positive culture of
wellbeing where everyone looks out for one another.
“At Brookes we know that relaxed, happy and confident children are much more likely to flourish and go on to achieve great things,” said Principal Graham Ellis.
“We operate an inclusive entrance policy which keeps us grounded and brings wonderful diversity into our school. There’s no entrance exam or tick- box criteria – we assess every pupil based on our ability to unlock their potential.”
Small class sizes and child-centred learning ensure that every child has a voice and can be themselves. That also means teachers really get to know each pupil, allowing tailored support throughout their education, from their earliest years at Cherry Trees Montessori nursery through to their iGCSEs in the main school.
“There’s no one-size-fits-all at Brookes,” said Mr Ellis. “We flex in all directions – and our children come out inspired, resilient and confident to take their next step.” The school is also pursuing a ‘positive education’ model with concepts such as ‘growth mindset’ where setbacks are simply part of the learning journey.
Located near Risby, just a few minutes from the A14, the school joined the international Brookes Education Group five years ago. Since then it has extended its provision to year 11, investing in facilities like a boarding house that’s currently home-from-home to 20 boarders from Britain and overseas.
“Our local students share learning experiences with children from around the world giving them insight into different countries and cultures, and helping them to become global citizens.”
 Unlock your child’s potential at Brookes
Brookes near Bury St Edmunds is one of Su昀olk’s most remarkable independent schools, with a close- knit family environment, unique child-centric approach to learning and posi琀ve culture of wellbeing.
As an interna琀onal school, we embrace diversity and ensure inclusivity, nurturing each child’s natural strengths, helping them to become dynamic global ci琀zens. Above all, children at Brookes are relaxed, happy and con昀dent – the key to unlocking their full poten琀al.
      + Small class sizes
+ Experien琀al learning + Tailored educa琀on
+ Children aged 2 to 16
+ Day students & boarders + UK & interna琀onal pupils
+ Inclusive entrance policy + Compe琀琀ve fees
+ Scholarships available
+44 (0) 1284 760531
 A member of the Brookes Educa琀on Group Flempton Road, Risby, Bury St Edmunds IP28 6QJ

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