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  The statue of Duleep Singh in Thetford
  Duleep’s grave at St Andrew and St Patrick’s Church, Elveden
‘ live in exile in Paris and hired an American mercenary to plot the overthrow of the British Raj. His scheme was doomed to failure as the mercenary was in fact a spy, and his hope of enlisting the help of Russia fell on deaf ears.
With a heavy heart Duleep wrote to Victoria to make amends. “For Your Majesty’s government having branded me disloyal when God knows I was most loyal and devoted to Your Majesty, I had no other course open to me except either to turn traitor or to continue to submit to the insults repeatedly offered to me by the Administration of India.”
He lived the rest of his life in penury in France, dying a broken man in 1893 aged only 55. Even then he could not rest in peace because, despite his reconversion to Sikhism and wish to have his remains returned to India, his body was buried with Christian rites at St Andrew and St Patrick’s Church, Elveden. Today it is a place of pilgrimage for Sikhs, who view Duleep
as a freedom fighter, something that is evident in his statue in Thetford as it depicts him as a sword-carrying warrior atop a horse. The fact that the person chosen to unveil it in 1999 was Prince Charles suggests not only reconciliation, but that the Royals regret the way his life was ruthlessly stage managed so long ago.
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