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 All Through Education
and to be able to apply any necessary interventions to ensure they achieve their very best. Pupils are familiar with staff and surroundings. Staff teach across different schools to ensure consistency of approach and the effective building of pupil-teacher relations throughout.
All-through education ensures seamless transitions. In traditional education systems, it can be very daunting for pupils to move schools; new buildings, new surroundings, new teachers and new pupils can naturally cause concern to some.
Our all-through approach eliminates this, ensuring our pupils are already familiar with the staff, pupils and sites before they move up and are in the most comfortable learning environment possible.
Pupils in and around Bury St Edmunds are welcome to join us at any stage. We warmly welcome you to visit our website, or contact a particular school for a tour, to allow us to give you more information on how we operate and the benefits of an all- through education.
All-through education is a forward thinking approach that provides continuity from nursery to sixth form, focusing on the all-round development of each pupil from age three to 18.
This system is growing nationally and it is available in Bury St Edmunds across County Upper School, Horringer Court Middle School, Westley Middle School and Tollgate Primary School.
The four schools work together to ensure that the curriculum and pastoral care is planned very carefully enabling pupils to get the very best opportunities and experiences both inside and outside of the classroom.
Pupils’ progress is tracked continuously, teachers across the phases meet regularly to discuss pupil achievements, which allows them to have prior knowledge about every pupil before meeting them,
    Bury St Edmunds All-Through Education provides:
n Excellent pastoral care through each phase
n Access to outstanding facilities across each school
n Seamless transition in a familiar environment n An All-Through assessment tracking system n A well established All-Through Curriculum
n Subject speci昀c teaching from Year 5
   County Upper School Horringer Court Middle School Westley Middle School
Tollgate Primary School
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