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Designers Guild Tanjore Cobalt wallpaper, £72 per roll
Time for a refresh
Spring brings green shoots of inspiration (and that’s not just the house plants). Interior designer Jane Cappleman tells us how she approaches this time of year
After what seems to have been the longest of winters there is finally light at the end of the tunnel for us all to enjoy less restricted lives. Meanwhile my house plant collection has almost doubled in
size with the addition of some plants costing as little as £2.50 and my house has received the most uncharacteristic of deep cleans.
This is one of my favourite times of year with the promise of new life in the garden and also the launch of new fabrics and wallpapers by many of the leading manufacturers.
With more time on my hands I have managed to freshen up two rooms in my home, mainly with some wallpaper and a lick of paint. I have also had plenty of time to think about other areas which need attention so I was excited to see what is new on the market and to get some much needed inspiration.
My choice of colours tend to be in the blue/green spectrum. I am naturally drawn to these colours, subconsciously collecting items such as ceramic and ‘

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