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        Snow White Faux Fur Throw – From £115 Snow White is a fabulous, pristine white faux fur. Soft and silky and perfect for home.
Red Fox Fur Faux Throw – From £105 Red Fox is absolutely stunning. A dense super soft faux fur, the deep auburn base is tipped with dark brown giving Red Fox faux fur a very realistic look.
   Above: Curtains, Colefax and Fowler Sintra in blue £115 per metre and Dorian chair in blue £89 per metre. Right: Potted plants have proliferated in the Cappleman household during lockdown
wonderful Roman blinds. I am definitely looking for a patterned fabric which has more than two colours in as it makes it easier to choose accessories, paint and flooring which at present is the only firm decision made so far. I will make my final choices once I have worked out the material quantities I require,
the labour costs and how best to use my favourite fabrics in a way that will suit my budget, and of course if the other members in the household agree!
n Jane Cappleman is a Bury St Edmunds based interior designer.
Patterned wallpaper can be more cost effective than buying a patterned fabric, and the more colour and detail you have in a fabric the more expensive it becomes.
Sleep easy
We are all after a good night’s rest. These pillows may help
Silentnight Re- Balance Pillow Pair - When keeping the body and mind calm and stress free, it’s important to remember the three R’s: rest, rejuvenate and re-
balance. The ‘stress hormone’ cortisol is a leading cause of poor sleep. The Re- balance pillows feature carbon threads which restore hormonal balance by lowering cortisol, to reduce anxiety and allow for a deeper, more restorative sleep. Available online at at £35.
Silentnight Copper Infused Pillow - This Copper Infused Pillow is kind to the skin, allowing you to wake up feeling fresh and revitalised. Copper naturally has
antibacterial properties and can help to heal skin faster, reducing face irritations, wrinkles, acne flare ups and puffy eyes. Deeply filled with a soft knitted cover, this machine washable pillow ensures a comfortable night’s sleep with the added beauty benefits. Available online at and at £14.99
Lavender Scented
Pillow - Fragranced
with a calming
lavender scent to help
create a peaceful
environment, making
it easier to drift into a deep, soothing sleep. With an
addition of lilac piping, this soft to touch lavender scented pillow is long lasting, enabling a calming slumber every night. Available online at and from £15.99

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