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   Household tips
to save on
energy bills
Clearing out clutter can often be a tedious task. But clearing out the loft can be a great opportunity to ensure your home’s insulation is at the right level. A well-insulated home will regulate temperature efficiently, meaning less need for central heating or electric fans. What’s more, the right insulation could save on your energy bills.
Cleaning the filter on your tumble dryer helps it work better and therefore helps reduce energy waste. To save even more energy, use dryer balls during the cycle – they help reduce drying time by creating space between the heat and fabric.
Dusting down light fittings and electronics helps ensure they run more efficiently by removing any particles or cobwebs that might affect their performance. To make light fixtures even more efficient, consider switching to energy saving light bulbs too.
When using the washing machine, set the temperature to 30oC and you could use around 40% less electricity. Most detergents clean your clothes just as effectively at a lower setting. If
your washing machine has an eco- mode then try to use this as often as possible; even if the cycle is longer it means that the water
is not being heated up as quickly, therefore using
less energy.
Dusting the inner corners and ducts of your radiators can actually help keep
heat flowing more freely, helping to ensure they are
working at their best.
Opening the oven door to check on food allows heat to escape,
creating energy waste. Instead, deep clean your oven door so you can look into it when you need to whilst minimising unnecessary heat loss.
  the back burner again.
With more time at home I suggest
making a list of the improvements you want to carry out and use the time to research and find materials allowing you to accurately cost any changes you wish to make. This will save you time and money once things start moving again. There are a few websites which can help you accurately cost out your DIY projects from tile, flooring, paint and paper suppliers to designers and soft furnishing retailers.
Dulux visualiser enables you to choose paint colours in real time on your smart phone or tablet and it’s fun to use. Many tile, paint and flooring companies have a useful tool to work out exactly how many square metres of product you will need so that you can accurately add to your budget.
I would encourage you to get creative and get crafty using whatever you can find at the back of drawers and cupboards.
Reframe old pictures or frame new ones, change positions of furniture and try creating a paint effect using old sample pots - you can always paint over your masterpiece if you don’t like it!
Take care of your house plants by splitting them up, repotting them and giving them a good
You could
potentially double the amount of plants you have in the house at very little or no cost.
Take on DIY tasks
which are within your capabilities and try not to
be too ambitious, this is a perfect time to freshen up and reorganise your home.

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