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Why not go with the flow?
Ponds and running water can be an interesting addition to a garden, especially during the summer, says Andrew Carr
These months are when your garden should be a beautiful, colourful space in which to spend many happy hours in the summer.
If you're lucky enough to already have a pond, and have spent time de-wintering it, now it should be paying handsome dividends with the water temperature rising to 10 degrees C and the fish feeding again.
Those early in the year tasks include removing debris with a net or pond vacuum; splitting and re-potting overgrown plants; replacing the filter media and the UV lamps and thoroughly cleaning the pump. If you do all this at an early stage you are likely to be rewarded with a clear water pond for summer.
If you have always wanted a pond but never got around to setting it up, it's not that difficult and the end result can convert the most modest landscape into one that's a joy to the eye. And with a fountain or waterfall installed, a melody of sound completes the tranquil scene.
Siting and access to power is, of course, important and depending on the size of pond a preformed, robust fibreglass liner could make life so much easier. Otherwise, a strong, rubber liner may fit the bill.
Choice of pump and filter is also key but here it's strongly recommended you take advice from your friendly aquatics dealer to ensure you don't spend more than needed. Whether you do it yourself, or call in a local expert, you are bound to be delighted with the transformation of your garden.
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