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A few of my
Favourite things Sudbury based singer/songwriter Serena Grant starts our new monthly feature
  Sudbury based singer/songwriter Serena Grant, 27, was born in Chelmsford but moved to Suffolk at the age of four. She has written a charity song, ‘Stay Home’ during the Coronavirus about missing loved ones and the struggles we are all facing during this time. She says: “The aim is to lift spirits and I involved as many people as possible in the single and the video, including friends, family and neighbours. It’s to raise money for NHS Charities Together.”
The actor or actress you most like to watch in a film?
Chris Pratt. Every film I’ve seen him in I’ve enjoyed (Guardians of the Galaxy, Jurassic World) and he makes me laugh.
Favourite piece of art?
I’m not really an arty person but I visited the Sistine Chapel in Italy recently and the paintings in there were phenomenal.
Favourite book?
I’m a bit boring and I don’t really read much. But I did enjoy the Harry Potter books as a child.
Favourite colour?
It comes down to a choice between lilac and turquoise.
Favourite restaurant
There’s a few places in Sudbury I love. For desserts it would have be Kaspas.
...and favourite food/meal
It would have to be pizza and pasta. Anything Italian is my favourite.
Favourite smell
You know when you open the top of a hot chocolate tin - that aroma. And I love the scent of buddleia too, I always smell it when I walk past any.
Favourite family memento
We have so many home videos and every now and then we get the VHS player out to watch them. I love looking back at old videos of us all, they give so many fond memories.
Favourite song and why
I like so many different songs for different reasons and it’s so difficult to choose. My favourite song literally changes every single week - this week it’s The 1975 - If You’re Too Shy - it’s just been released and it’s so upbeat and uplifting.
Favourite songwriter
Hmmm that’s a tricky one... the first person that springs to mind is Suffolk’s Ed Sheeran. He has written so many hit songs, for other artists too, and he just has a fascinating way with words.
Song I wish I had written
Well, after a quick Google search, I just
discovered that the Number 1 selling single of all time is White Christmas. So I’m going to go for that one.
Favourite music video
Michael Jackson’s Thriller. My dad has this on VHS and it used to be a tradition that he would play it every single Halloween whilst we all dressed up. It was amazing for its time.
Favourite film
I love the 2002 Tobey Maguire Spider- Man. I’ve watched it 30+ times and I never get bored of it. It was before Marvel got complicated.
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