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 ‘ respiratory diseases to dementia. Less traffic means fewer poisonous fumes, so country highways must be
safer. Not according to the Royal Society for Prevention of Accidents. “There are reasons why rural roads are more dangerous,” explains a spokesman. “Traffic travels at higher speeds along roads that are often narrow, twisting and hilly, which means drivers have limited visibility. There are also fewer pavements, pedestrian crossings, cycle lanes and street lamps.”
Plus there’s the commonsense but, nevertheless, sobering warning from doctors that if you suffer an emergency trauma in a remote area, it takes longer to get to the nearest hospital or for paramedics to reach victims.
On a much lesser scale, country folk are more likely to suffer hay fever due to exposure to crops such as rapeseed. Every spring, up to a third of the British population starts to sneeze and rub their eyes so those considering a change of abode should think about pollen.
The Samaritans point out that country types find it harder to access support for mental health issues and are often reluctant to do so in fear of ‘
Luxury living . . . Horsecroft Road, Bury St Edmunds on sale through Jackson-Stops at £895,000
The estate agent’s view
Demand remains high for quality property
Stepping into 2021 is a journey full of the unknown for all of us, however, we know that in 2020 the housing market boiled with activity from the day the government released us as a sector on the 13th May. The pent-up demand was immediately felt, coming from the local market as well as those looking to move to West Suffolk. The stamp duty holiday incentive added fuel to what was already a raging fire and although this is due to end on 31st March, we are now successfully selling houses to buyers that will not benefit from it, as they will run out of time, but the fact that the demand remains high for quality property, is an indication that this market is holding well, albeit that the housing stock levels are reduced.
For now, spring is on the way, the roll out of the vaccines is looking positive and all indications point to a continued, very active property market.
Matt Cutting & Charlie Philip partners at Jackson-Stops, Bury St Edmunds
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