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 Meet the team
Louisa joined the Guildhall team in October 2019, as Learning and
Volunteer Co-ordinator. Prior to this she worked for the National Trust, at Ickworth House and Anglesey Abbey, designing exhibitions and memorable experiences for visitors. Louisa is currently working to create an enthusiastic volunteer team to share the Guildhall’s unique story with audiences of all ages.
Jill has been
at the Guildhall
since the start
of the year.
She has years
of experience
in industry and
and has great interest in the heritage of the Guildhall with an eye on maximising the commercial viability too. Previously Office Manager and Administrator for a busy outside catering firm specialising in weddings she is well used to working with brides to plan their perfect wedding day.
What’s on at the Guildhall
Tues Oct 6 2.30 Tour - Spinning A Yarn: Did you know that medieval Suffolk’s wealth was made from wool? Discover how merchants spun yarn into gold on this tour of Bury St Edmunds Guildhall - a special building that has been at the heart of the town’s success for centuries. To book tickets please visit
Tues Oct 13 2.30 Tour - Food Glorious Food:
The story of food isn’t all a piece of cake. For centuries, the food you ate and how you ate it was as much about class as it was about cooking. Discover the fascinating history behind the ingredients and rituals that shaped our daily dining habits. To book tickets please visit
Tues Oct 20 2.30 Tour - Conflict, Celebration and Commemoration If walls could talk! Bury St Edmunds Guildhall has been a witness, and at the centre of, a host of great local historical events, and on occasions even been an influence on the national stage. Enjoy a tour that brings these events back to life in the actual rooms involved. To book tickets please visit
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