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. . . and all the trimmings
Cut berries and store early out of the way of any rodents! Agra Wool is quite soft and so I suggest covering with one inch chicken wire to give you more strengthen for the weight of the foliage.
  Most homes will have a festive tree and wreath on display this time of year but are they eco-friendly? West Suffolk florist and author Paula Pryke, and Bury St Edmunds interior designer Jane Cappleman give their views
The wreath
A door wreath does not have to be round and can be any shape. I like to make traditional wreaths in the old fashioned way with a wire frame, moss and some foliage. The green foam that florists have traditionally used is plastic and as nature lovers we don’t need to fill the world with any more plastic. There are biodegradable circular frames, but they also take years to degrade, so I am excited to use a new product. Agra wool make blocks like the normal floral foam and also come as sheets so you can cut into any design you wish. The Christmas tree is certainly an iconic shape and so my door wreath is both beautiful and biodegradable. Paula Pryke

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