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  The estate agent’s view
Lifestyle changes a factor
 Mark Wilkins Managing Director Winkworth Long Melford
People move for many reasons but at the moment it is notably lifestyle changes that are the biggest factor. This is unlikely to change throughout
2021. While many will still see the appeal of London and Cambridge, many others have reassessed their priorities and realised just how much more
you can get for your money outside of the city. In addition, many companies, particularly smaller businesses, may decide to keep some of their workforces at home, or introduce flexible working, meaning that home offices will remain a desirable factor. It is not just those looking for more space that may stay away from the cities. We may also see an increase in downsizers joining the upsizers, as the previous appeal of retirement amidst city bright lights may well have lost its shine during a difficult year.
Chestnut House, Attleton Green on sale with Winkworth, Long Melford, guide price £800,000
‘ being stigmatised by the close-knit circle around them. However, the flipside of the coin is scientists have proven that activity in the amygdala, the part of the brain that signals danger and is associated with negative emotions, is far higher in city dwellers.
Clearly, living in the great wide open has its drawbacks, but overall it still beats the city because life expectancy is higher.
The Office for National Statistics reports that urbanites die younger than their rural counterparts – by 18 months
for men and 12 months for women. Personally I could never contemplate
a return to a built-up area. OK, so I have to make a 15-mile round trip to enjoy a decent flat white, but who needs caffeine when the view from your window provides a natural high?
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