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post virus
Jane Cappleman on future interior design
Many of us wonder how COVID-19 might change our lives and habits and whether we’ll all return to our old normal. Confined to our properties, we have become much
more aware of the limitations of our homes and our access to the outdoors. I believe future design ideas for interiors, the garden and architecture in general will be
A living room with retro style drawers and big leaved plants
heavily influenced by the confines of the last few months. There will be much more emphasis on creating multifunctional spaces which are lighter, brighter and more ergonomic.
Rooms which can be reconfigured depending on the time of the day with family life in mind and areas enabled for remote working will be key to any redesign. Having somewhere to work, relax and exercise - possibly all in one room - is a tough challenge. Clever storage and home office solutions will be even more popular now and we will want to bring the outdoors in as much as possible.
I believe the ‘nature’ and ‘natural’ trend will sky rocket, not only in botanical prints and naturalistic displays of plants, but also in the products we choose to use within our home.
More thought will be given to surfaces and how easily and effectively they can be cleaned. Technology ‘
  Letting nature in: Plants blend well around this bathroom’s earthy colours
It may not have the buzz of an office but home working in a light, quiet spacious room has its advantages

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