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Go for fabrics first . . .
. . . then choose colours to paint your room, says interior designer Jane Cappleman
When you make plans to redecorate a room, it is always tempting to decide on what colour you are going to paint the walls before you decide what fabrics you're going to match
with the windows.
This is a very common mistake and should be avoided as there is much less choice when it comes to fabrics. Choosing your fabric first means you can match your paint to your fabric which is much less tricky and if you get stuck there are paint shops who will mix the colour to your particular specification.
Curtains and blinds can
completely change the feel and dynamic of a room. They are not only practical by keeping in the warmth, absorbing sound, blocking out the light and providing privacy but also the right window treatment can thoroughly transform a room.
If you have a period property you are more than likely to have lovely detailing
with architraves and cornicing and if you are really lucky, shutters. I always think it is a shame to cover up these gems with curtains so a well-made Roman blind fitting neatly on the window leaving the
depends on how you would like them to perform. If you would like to keep the warmth in and the draughts out then interlining them is an option. Interlining can also be used to make lightweight
fabric look more substantial. Blackout lining performs as the name suggests, the lining itself is not black, however, it completely blocks out the light. It is a perfect lining for woven fabrics which can sometimes show their threads when backlit. Unlined curtains are used when you want privacy but not total darkness. Sheer curtains are a perfect example of this and used in conjunction with a pair of lined curtains you have the option of privacy or total darkness.
Adding curtains and blinds to your windows frames the shape and can help to add height to the space. With
so many fabrics to choose from the right window dressing can add real personality to the room and they are both functional and practical.
 Detailed blinds and cushions offset by dark emerald walls
rest of the detail on show is a perfect solution.
Curtains can be made in several ways - they can be unlined, interlined, blackout lined or made using a combination of all three. Deciding on how they are made

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