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 Relax, it’s
another day
at the office
Flexi-working has become the norm for many of us, and our environment has a surprisingly powerful impact on our stress levels and wellbeing. Whether you are working from the office or
home, it’s important to have a calm, clutter-free and productive workspace. British interior designer Benji Lewis from Zoom That Room shares inspirational tips and creativity on how to supercharge your working day.
Colour Coordinate – “If you want a calm relaxing environment to keep the stress levels down calm colours like blue are great, a splash of yellow is ideal to get the creative juices flowing, and pink suggests a warm welcome. The latter is remarkably adaptable and works well with other warm tones like red or orange. One of my favourite, sustainable brands is Graphenstone UK. It’s a natural, mineral based paint brand.”
Keep it simple – “Keep your desk clean and de- cluttered, choose carefully what’s on your desk and make it minimal. But anything you choose ensure it inspires great memories, positive emotions and it’s inspirational. Less is always more. Get into a habit of clearing your desk at the end of every day so it’s clear and calm for the next one. Get a desk organiser, perhaps one with a perch or holder for your phone, to make virtual appointments.”
Lighting – “If your work time takes place during daylight hours, try and arrange that your work station has natural light, but back this up with an artificial desk light so that you’re never lacking on the light front.”
 Go Green - “Plants not only brighten up the room but they have so many other benefits, they bring in moisture, help clean indoor air, reduce anxiety and stress and boost productivity. My favourites include geraniums which have a natural lemon scent, Devil’s Ivy as it’s small and adapts well to low or bright conditions and Chamaedorea elegans, more commonly known as Parlour Palms, which are both sculptural and full, making your living space brighter and more breathable. I’m a fan of Hortology.”

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