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Wish you were here?
The gazebo at Clifton Cove (left) offers wonderful views
 As the nights draw in and the temperatures start to drop, who wouldn’t cast a slightly envious eye over the sunshine escape pictured above?
Clifton Cove, the Barbados home of a former West Suffolk businessman and his wife, has a superb vantage point on top of a low coral cliff and overlooking a small, enclosed beach. Built some time around 1880 it was the residence of a sugar plantation manager.
It’s a long way from West Suffolk but a clifftop Barbados property has made a stunning retirement home for a local businessman and his wife
The new owners, who don’t want to be identified, said they knew the island well from holidaying there and were after a seaside property. They had stayed next to Clifton Cove so were smitten by it.
“We bought about half a dozen books on houses on the water to try and get the look we were after and started rebuilding it in 1984. It took about 18 months to complete the first bit then everythng followed from there.”
If the exterior has a wow factor the property ‘

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