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   Designs that make sense
At Rebecca Wallman Garden Design we believe that every outside space has the potential to enhance your everyday environment, as well as contributing to the health of the planet.
We create plant-filled gardens in a range of styles to provide habitats for wildlife, and beautiful
views for you throughout
the seasons.
A well-considered design
will transform your garden, ensuring the best use of space for your needs and taste. Our garden design service will take you from concept to completion.
Perhaps you don’t require a full redesign but would like to
improve what you have. We are passionate about changing spaces with creative planting to benefit both people and wildlife, and can work with existing or new beds and borders.
Are you looking to make some changes to your garden but not sure if the full design service is for
you? Maybe you need some advice on the best plants or materials. The garden consultation
service is an opportunity to discuss your garden ideas with a design professional without committing to the full garden design service. Please get in touch to start your garden journey today.
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