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    targeted and a suspenseful game of cat and mouse ensues. Available in hardback from Simon & Schuster, RRP £20
The Great Passion
by James Runcie
Told through the eyes of an 11-year-old boy in 18th-Century Germany, the award- winning writer of ITV’s Grantchester turns his attentions to the creation of J S Bach’s The St Matthew Passion. Motherless child Stefan is taken under the wing of Bach and as he watches the maestro rehearse, realises he is witnessing the creation of one of the most extraordinary pieces of music ever com- posed. Available from Bloomsbury in hardback, eBook and audio formats,
RRP from £11.89
Growing Up Getty
by James Reginato
The story of America’s most unconventional dynasty is overshadowed by its patriarch, ruthless oil magnate J Paul Getty – once the richest man in the world. This fascinating expose moves the narrative onto the current generation, from dress designer to the stars, August Getty, to leading environmentalist Anne G Earhart. Published in hardback by Simon & Schuster, RRP £19.99
A Net for Small Fishes
by Lucy Jago
Described as Thelma and Louise for the 17th Century, Jago uses a powerful friendship between two very different women to plunge us into the cut-throat court of King James I. Frances Howard and Anne Turner dare to seek a little happiness, but it leads to desperate acts that could cost them everything. First published by Bloomsbury in hardback last year, it is now available in paperback, RRP £8.99
The Chief
by Andrew Roberts
Britain’s greatest press baron, Alfred Harmsworth, is profiled in this definitive biography. Before his premature death at the age of 57, he had owned two-thirds of Fleet Street and invented the art of populist journalism. The key to his success was want- ing readers to know he was on their side and appealing to both sexes. What is most sur- prising is that the future Lord Northcliffe came from a modest background. Available in hardback from Simon & Schuster, RRP £25 Blood and Power
by John Foot
In the aftermath of the First World War, the seeds of fascism were sown in Italy. Led by Mussolini, who promised to build a new Roman empire, black-shirted, heavily
armed thugs systematically tortured and murdered their way into power. Foot charts the turbulent years between 1915 and 1945 and unveils the era’s legacy, which disturbingly, still reverberates today. Published in hardback by Bloomsbury, RRP £25
Alexandria: The Quest for the Lost City
by Edmund Richardson
After creating the biggest empire in the ancient world before the age of 30, it’s no surprise that Alexander the Great wanted
to leave his mark on it. Ever modest, he founded 20 cities all called Alexandria, many of which vanished. In 1833, a working-class boy from London shocked the world of archaeology by discovering one in Afghanistan. The strange but true story
of Charles Masson is told in this fascinating biography. Available in a Bloomsbury paperback, RRP £10.99
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