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  For gardens big and small
East Anglia’s friendly
aquatics specialists
Awell designed pond provides a beautiful focal point capable of transforming even the most modest garden. With the addition of colourful, lively fish and attractive, flowering
plants, the finished product will provide many hours of tranquil pleasure to the family and a welcoming habitat to a variety of wildlife. And, it need not be a costly acquisition.
We have many years experience of designing and installing ponds of all shapes and sizes and we'd love to help you with your project. OR, if you would like professional help in maintaining an existing pond - our 'Pondcare' service is at your disposal.
Contact us for more detail or call in the shop. We're great listeners.
Home and Garden Aquatics
Tollgate House,Tollgate Lane,
Bury St Edmunds Suffolk, IP32 6DG
Tel: 01284 756096
Email: Follow us on Facebook and Twitter
Christmas quiz answers from pages 18 and 19
1) Because money was collected in alms-boxes placed in churches during the festive season which was then distributed to the poor and needy after Christmas
2) A Christmas tree
3) Sir Henry Cole
4) World War One, at midnight on Christmas Eve 1914
5) Prince Albert
6) In Mexico
7) President Franklin Pierce
8) Tom Smith
9) Some of Santa’s reindeer
10) A custom in Holland of children placing wooden shoes next to the hearth the night before the arrival of St. Nicholas
11) King Henry VIII
12) 3pm
13) Spain
14) Bing Crosby's White Christmas
15) The Fifties (1957)
16) Papua New Guinea
17) Adorned with ivy 
18) Australia
19) Martin Luther
20) It was the day they died
21) Greenland
22) Tree worship of the Druids
23) Portugal
24) Because during the Secret Dinner Jesus and the apostles also sat on the floor
25) It is derived from the Greek alphabet in which X is letter Chi, which is the first letter of Christ's name
26) Wassail
27) Saturnalia
28) Ebeneezer Scrooge
29) Oliver Cromwell
30) The Puritans
31) 1843
32) St. Francis of Assisi
33) Oslo
34) President Franklin Pierce
35) The drops of Christ's blood
36) Holland
37) Germany
38) It was their birthday
39) The last hole to which a man could stretch
his belt at a Christmas feast
40) 9
West Suffolk quiz
1. Bob Hoskins
2. Moulton
3. James Cartlidge,
Jo Churchill,
Matt Hancock
4. Long Melford
5. 2001
6. Royal Worlington
7. St Edmund, Hyperion, Thomas Gainsborough 8. Just off Eastgate Street, aside the A14
9. Norah Lofts
10. Moyses Hall

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