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 Chance to see inside our historic houses
If the news headlines in these fraught days ever have you wishing you could turn back the clock, Historic Houses might have the next best thing for you.
The association, which represents hundreds of highly listed homes, is offering exclusive private tours of some of the oldest and most interesting houses
and gardens in Suffolk and Essex this autumn. Visitors can step back in time as they’re shown around by knowledgeable owners, before enjoying tea, cake and conversation with their host and a small band of fellow explorers.
Belchamp Hall, in Belchamp Walter, is a fine Queen Anne house of rich red brick. The nine-bay façade conceals a treasure
trove for art lovers, including original portraits by the most famous son of Sudbury, Thomas Gainsborough and a statue that arrived as a present from Louis XVI. A painting by Cornelius Janssen depicts the first John Raymond who bought the house and estate from Sir John Wentworth in 1611, while Elizabethan portraits of Sir William and Lady Harris,
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