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It’s the season for cutbacks
Now that the leaves have fallen, it is a good time to remove unwanted plants or have a big garden makeover. There is less plant to dispose of and you can see what you are cutting.
If ivy or brambles are a problem, the winter can be a good time to remove them as they are easier to see among branches that have lost their leaves. Winter pruning often includes plants that need to be pruned very late in the autumn, during winter and some very early in spring.
Different trees, shrubs and climbers all have different needs and at different times of the year - so bear in mind:
n Some plants need to be pruned in late autumn/winter to reduce the chance of wind damage.
n Some plants need to be pruned when they are dormant to reduce stress.
n It's hard to prune properly when plants are covered in leaves.
n Some plants are pruned in winter
when they are not much to look at! Why prune them when they look their best? n Some plants need to be pruned when dormant to avoid vulnerable new shoots sprouting when frost is likely.
n Some plants flower in winter on old growth and are therefore pruned soon after flowering.
n Some plants are pruned in winter to reduce competing branches that may reduce yield and block sunlight.
n Some plants are pruned in winter to encourage the growth of new shoots in spring.
Winter pruning often involves woody
growth and therefore takes longer and results in large amounts of cuttings. However, by doing these heavy, more intense tasks in winter, you can concentrate on regular maintenance during the growing season. This means that your garden looks better and you spread the cost.
The winter is typically a time for storms and strong winds. Good garden hygiene also helps to reduce diseases. Decomposing leaves and other debris on hard standing will supply enough nutrients for weeds to self seed in cracks, grow and then spread. They can also makes paths slippery.
Weeds will continue to grow during a mild winter so don’t ignore them. Remember, when your spring flowering bulbs and border plants start to flower, the borders will be harder (more time consuming) to weed. It makes sense to keep them tidy before spring. Also, many weeds are seasonal. Remember, weeds make more weeds.
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