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  I’m trying to remember whether there was much fuss when Sue Barker took over from David Coleman as the chair of TV’s A Question of Sport. And were there complaints over previous team captains Ally McCoist and Frankie Dettori being replaced by Matt Dawson and Phil Tufnell? Since social media wasn’t about then I suspect any outcry was limited, not like the recent headline-making controversy. Many years ago I had an interview for the editorship of another magazine and was asked the question how would I change the publication. Plucking a comparison out of the air the interviewer said they wanted it to be more like the more anarchic show They Think It’s All Over than AQOS.
Since that magazine was doing well it
needed just a little fine-tuning and the same is true of AQOS. It will carry on with a new cast, whereas who
remembers They Think It’s All Over?
In the August edition of Bury and
West Suffolk magazine, West
Suffolk Council’s Parks and Open
Spaces Manager, Gary Quilter briefly
mentioned a new display, 'Crowning
Glory', installed just inside the
Abbeygate. This sculpture was entered
in this year’s Anglia In Bloom awards
and last month Michelle Freeman of
the Crafty Foxes, who inspired the
whole project, learned it had been
declared the winner in the 'Best use of
recycled materials' category. Bury St Edmunds was the only town in Suffolk to win an award in this year’s virtual campaign.
I’ve started reading and enjoying Anyone For Edmund? the latest book with local connections by Long Melford author Simon Edge. He has come up with another clever blending of history and modern day, with some nice touches of wry humour. To quote the book cover blurb it’s a “Canonical comedy featuring a medieval patron saint, a tennis court and a Westminster spin doctor.”
We’ve been tuning in to the TV coverage of the Tour de France, as much for the scenery as for the cycling. The shots from helicopters or drones are wonderful, capturing the diverse landscapes from east to west then finally to the Paris finish. For easy on the eye, restful watching it is up there with cookery, fishing and antiques programmes.
Goodness knows we need some cheering up these days so the indiscretions of Sasha Swire in her book Diary Of An MP’s Wife: Inside and Outside Power, sound like they are good for a chuckle. Perhaps she fancies herself as a new Jilly Cooper, agog that British politics and politicians can (apparently) be both sexy and toxic. From all accounts (the book may have to be on my Christmas list) she spares few in the Tory party and in doing so has probably kissed goodbye to any friendships therein.
Hard times for herons? I saw one standing in that rather sad part of the River Lark than runs through the car park at Tescos, Bury St Edmunds. Perhaps the only fish there might be a discarded pack of mackerel. Still with nature, there have been some impressive toadstools in the undergrowth at West Stow in recent weeks. Perhaps a fungi expert can let me know why September was a good growing season.
 Richard Bryson
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