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. . . a slightly off-kilter view of local life and worldly matters
  Ilike to see cartoons in newspapers and magazines so I’m hoping to catch Matthew Pritchett, AKA the pocket cartoonist Matt, when he comes to Bury’s Theatre Royal in September. The skill of finding a joke in a breaking news story, and turning it into a cartoon over just a few hours, is quite an accomplishment and Matt has to do it almost on a daily basis. I wonder if fellow Daily Telegraph contributor, and Bury St Edmunds resident, Norman Tebbit will be in the audience?
Still on art, it was a shame the recent work of street artist Banksy in Lowestoft was defaced. At the same time his spray painted images (often in public places) are technically graffiti so they must always be at risk of defacement.
What’s the difference between cricket spectators at Trent Bridge and Lords? I spent two days at the former earlier this summer and watched, bemused, as people dressed as chickens and cavemen sang songs, chanted insults and bounced beachballs onto heads. At Lords - where all you hear is the murmur of conversation and polite applause - they had a problem with champagne corks in the outfield.
Before regional newspaper reporters and feature writers become extinct I’d like to recommend a new book, Panic As Man Burns Crumpets by Roger Lytollis (Little Brown, £16.99). An award winning writer, he lost his job two year’s ago at the Carlisle News and Star and Cumberland News.
His memoir is witty, self deprecating and revealing about an industry in sad decline and is remarkable in as much as Lytollis was never really cut out to be a journalist being painfully shy and uncomfortable talking to people.
We’ve finally caught up with the television series Succession which follows the tradition of much acclaimed dramas Mad Men and Breaking Bad by having a cast of mainly flawed and objectionable characters. The dark humour of this semi send-up of the Murdoch and Trump dynasties keeps me watching, but I am hoping the next highly praised boxset I watch has at least one or two likeable leads.
Through laziness I’m still listening to Heart 70s on my car radio (switching to Heart 80s as soon as there is an advertisement break). The patter and (possibly) affected smooth delivery of morning show host ‘Carlos’ suggests he has never watched Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse’s brilliant send-up of Radio One’s seventies DJs. And now I’m discovering they only appear to be licensed to play certain tunes so poor old Carlos is living in a Groundhog Day of Venus by Shocking Blue and an assortment of Stylistics and KC and
The Sunshine band hits.
You try to be patient. You try to reason with them and tell them to literally buzz off (though much riper language often follows), yet still they persist.
I’m talking about flies continually landing on my head and computer screen while I’m trying to work. I’m imagining
many scenes up and down the country in offices like ours, when patience snaps and, in Basil Fawlty fashion, exasperated workers seek out the fly swat and whack away. (Apologies to any members of the Bluebottle Protection League out there.)
Richard Bryson
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