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  Testing times,
but we have
pulled through
Best Beloved is in self-imposed lockdown. Our son, returning from that school petri- dish of coughs and colds, sneezed. In his direction. And so it began. First came his
sore throat, then headache,
clammy forehead and, ‘oh my’, the lethargy. HQ switched to red alert.
Pre-covid, we’d have kept calm, popped him some paracetamol and carried on. Current climes dictate differently. The newest million dollar question? Was I harbouring a hypochondriac or a potential superspreader?
I locked him in his mancave and sharpened my internet elbows, in the bunfight for a test slot. If positive, the repercussions of who could have been infected, between ‘that sneeze’ and his first sniffle, was a sobering concept. The friend who had recently undergone chemotherapy, the ‘vulnerable’ granny, the teacher, the hotel owner, work colleagues, to name but a few. Yes, all socially distanced meets but never did he think he may be casting potentially lethal droplets in his wake.
Result? Negative. Continuing 2020’s curious year of ‘firsts’, the subsequent diagnosis of man-flu was met at HQ with unparalleled joy.
The patient is slowly responding to treatment. A daily drip of Zoom meetings and a nightly dose of Netflix are working their magic. In a world of uncertainty, who knew that I would embrace the familiarity of this particular ailment with such joie de vivre. Tablecloth hankies and all!
Sadly, the last slice
The HQ contingent were much saddened to see the closure of Sudbury’s Pizza Express. Oh, if those walls could talk! This restaurant chain has set the doughball- rich scene for toddler tantrums, sibling battlegrounds, birthdays, exam celebrations and even the odd maternal meltdown.
Years of highchair hissy fits and high- handed teens have been sprinkled with side orders of chocolate brownies and wine. R.I.P those lost opportunities to bond further en famille over a Sloppy Guiseppe; toasting the teen who flexed the best tech-muscle in pursuit of online money-off coupons.
Your sunny staff and HQ safe haven will be sorely missed.
a dull moment
The joys, trials and bemusing encounters of a West Suffolk mum
Goodbye nest, hello aromatic room diffuser
Cheers to another HQ milestone. Our eldest has been safely nudged from the nest, into university accommodation. Well, to
be precise, just outside.
Not being on the guest list of her latest
academic bubble, we parents were confined to waving their hankies from the car park.
Feathering her new student digs has proved an interesting exercise. Nil points for our decision to visit Ikea in August’s heatwave. No amount of cheap tealights were worth that four hours of masked purgatory. Bonus points for BB. Having found a new home for all that mismatched crockery and random cutlery, he is now the ecstatic owner of an extra foot of garage space.
We watched her stride off, brimming with the optimism of youth; clothes horse, pot noodles and bottle of ice- breaking bacardi to hand. A nostalgic reminder of my own heady undergraduate days.
Granted, students now, appear far
more sophisticated. Her wish list included an aromatic room diffuser and lavender pillow spray. The staple scent wafting around the halls in my day? Eye- wateringly harsh patchouli joss sticks. As for that token 90’s sleep inducer? Pints of Stella from the Union bar.
A much wanted house plant also made the grade. It’s a fake. Apparently she’s “not quite ready for the responsibility of keeping a real one alive”. (Baby steps, she has promised to dust it, on occasion).
Virtual lectures and the cancellation of traditional Fresher’s week will see her immersed in a vastly different experience to those who have gone before. Most people, we’ve assured her, spend the entirety of their degree trying to shake off the BFF (Best Friend Forever) they bonded with (literally) on day one’s three-legged pub crawl. Plus, with all mass parties banned, she’ll have so much more time and money to put towards her reading list. (Yes, we are still defrosting from the icy stare that met this particular attempt to spin parental sunshine).

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