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with app
Ihave a real love/ hate relationship with technology. Well not really technology but with the people who develop it. There’s so much to love about tech in 2021. For
instance, being able to talk with your aunt in Australia, for free, on an app. Or how about being able to stalk, sorry, know the exact whereabouts, of your partner when she is on a long drive on her own.
I embraced what was then called new technology in the mid-1980s when I purchased my first desktop computer.
It was a monster Amstrad PC1512. I acquired it when we lived overseas and set me back more than £1,000 – that’s the equivalent of about £2,500 nowadays.
It had no inbuilt memory but just contained a floppy drive and everything you did relied on five and a quarter inch floppy disks. As they had VERY limited storage (about 500k I seem to recall) doing anything useful required you to continually swap floppy disks with the dexterity of a magician.
But enough of the past. Let me bring you up to date – and my current hate.
It’s the person/ people who decided to update my bank’s mobile app.
I received a prompt earlier this week on my mobile to say a new version of the app I have been using successfully, without any problems, for a number of years was available to download.
So I did. No-one can say I haven’t got my finger on the pulse.
Download and installation was a success. Trying to access my finances afterwards was anything but.
I won’t bore those of you still awake all the
new address, but that’s another story.
Back to the matter in hand. I went to my local dispensary to collect my pre-ordered prescription at the end of September. I’d placed the order seven days prior – the surgery asks for five days’ notice.
After finally being beckoned forward from the dispensary queue I was told the prescription was not ready.
Politely, I asked why this was as I had placed the order a week before. The reply was: “Because of the Bank Holiday.”
This was the one day national holiday that had happened a month earlier. I think she could tell I was a little incredulous and told me if I waited a few minutes they could get it ready for me.
Which leaves me wondering – why not just get it ready in the first place?
Honestly, as if COVID isn’t used enough as an excuse for many things.
details but suffice to say there were a few issues which could only be rectified by a visit to a branch.
The woman I saw there was wonderful – helpful, patient and even seemingly amused by my wit and repartee as she got things sorted.
It turns out several things had changed on the updated and supposedly improved app but the bank forgot to tell anyone.
collect (c&c) service at our local supermarket.
We opted for this rather than home delivery as we are fortunate enough to be able to get out and about so let the people who really need it get their shopping delivered to home.
Anyway, the guys (and it has been all male since my first collection) at the c&c area now recognise my car as I drive in and just wave me into one of the parking bays without checking my details.
It’s a nice, friendly touch. But I might spice things up one week by going in SWMBO’s car. Ha. They won’t recognise that. It’s just the devilment in me.
It reminded me of a time, many moons ago, when we lived in a small village just outside Sudbury. I frequented the local hostelry several times a week (oh, the trials and tribulations of the young and carefree).
I’d open the door, say a few hellos to other regulars and approach the bar – where mine host would already have a pint of best bitter ready for me.
As with the c&c guys, that was a nice friendly thing to do. Until one week I rejected the pint and said I’d have a small soft drink.
I didn’t want to be taken for granted.
Can I take this opportunity to thank my reader for sticking with me for the last few years. Have a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year – and keep safe and well.
control by drugs. B
eing a man of a certain age I have a medical issue that is kept under
I order a repeat prescription from a surgery and dispensary in a nearby village every month via an app (yes, another one, but NHS this time).
We have been on its patients list for about five or six years since we were asked to find another surgery by the Bury St. Edmunds practice which had looked after us very well since 1989.
It had carried out an audit which highlighted that we no longer lived in its catchment area. We had actually moved 16 years previously and advised them of our
we have been using the click and T
alking of COVID. Ever since the first big lockdown about 18 months ago

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