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  Anthony Horowitz has a home in Orford on the Suffolk coast, shown above
Writing the Bond novels must have been both fun and challenging? Would you do it again?
I’ve written two and I would certainly consider writing a third. A trilogy has a nice feel about it. I loved writing Trigger Mortis and Forever and a Day. It’s true that I had to raise my game to be half as good as Ian Fleming.
Similarly taking on the mantle of Conan Doyle for two books on Sherlock Holmes must have been a similar test? Reviews of both the Bond and SH books were favourable though, and critics would have been especially nit-picking I would think? The reviews for The House of Silk and Moriarty were all hugely positive – although I only read the reviews my
publishers send me and those tend to be the good ones.
You are a prolific writer - is that going to continue, or do you see yourself slowing down in the years to come?
I keep saying I’ll slow down but somehow I never do. Right now I’m writing a new Hawthorne novel – a sequel to The Word is Murder and The Sentence is Death. After that, there’s a new Alex Rider. I’ve written the screenplay for Magpie Murders which will be filmed next year. And so on...
And finally - I believe one of your sons might be an image advisor to Rishi Sunak – is that correct?
Yes he is. I’m very proud of him – but that’s all I’ll say!
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