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  Just stepping out for a dip
When the Hunters moved to Bury St Edmunds they wanted water on their doorstep - the solution was a swimming pond All images: Richard Bloom - @richardbloomphoto
When Nicola and Andrew Hunter got the opportunity, back in 2014, to buy a rarely available plot of land in the heart of Bury St Edmunds, they grabbed it with both hands.
Today, their eco-friendly, timber clad home, which nestles unobtrusively in the jumble of town centre medieval housing stock, wraps around a stunning swimming pond.
“When the building plot became available,” says Nicola, “we knew a swimming pond had to be part of the design and build of our new home. Paul (Mercer) of The Swimming Pond Company liaised with our architect, Ralph Carpenter of Modece Architects, to ensure that it was an integral part of the project.
And we absolutely love it!”
Creating a swimming pond in a sloping,
town centre plot with limited space was a challenge for The Swimming Pond Company but the result is stunning. The unobtrusive, low-profile home with its untreated larch cladding and sliding and retractable doors, merges with the pond and the result is a harmonious blend which virtually invites the water into the living space. “We love how the water is reflected on the ceilings of the bedrooms; it’s quite enchanting,” remarks Andrew.
A selection of mature trees in their south facing, sloping garden offer a stunning backdrop to the pond and the vista changes with the seasons. “The pond is beautiful and calming all year round,” explains Nicola. “The light changes through the year and reflects on the water
Quiet reflection: the Hunter’s home and swimming pond in Bury St Edmunds

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