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   Meet the directors
Tim Rutter
Welcome to our latest edition of Rooftops magazine and we trust you and your families are well. The year started with such promise for the housing mar- ket, then Covid 19 changed our lives and with it, like most sectors of the economy, the housing market
ground to a halt.
The initial view of most commentators throughout the first lockdown period was that house prices were bound to fall, you might also wonder who would consider a move in the middle of a pandemic. It transpires that an awful lot of people were very keen to move!
More people than ever are working from home, and this trend will undoubtedly continue in the future and change the way we live. Those residing in cities and more densely populated suburban areas have realised the value of a larger garden, more space and an overall better quality of life.
The next question for these buyers is where to move to; unsurprisingly our part of East Anglia has been very high on the list. We still offer very good value for money in an area with fantastic education establishments and a fast route into London.
Never before has it been so important to have such a wide spread of linked offices, we often find a buyer will register their buying requirements with a David Burr office in Essex, only to buy a property in Norfolk through another branch of David Burr. It has become increasingly clear that covering a wide area and working as a cohesive team is paramount to success.
The lettings market has also benefited from this migration as people ‘try’ an area before they buy, this has seen the demand for quality rental property outstrip supply.
We are very positive about 2021 and if you are thinking of selling, letting or are just seeking accurate and professional property advice, then do please consider David Burr.
Best wishes David Burr
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