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Still beauty
See the region at its gorgeous best in this book for photographers of all skills
Somehow saying Photographing East Anglia by Justin Minns is ‘an essentail companion for anyone with a camera visiting the region,’ doesn’t quite do it justice. It does splendidly
fulfill that requirement but it is also a feast of simply stunning images.
Page after page of amazing coastal landscapes, misty fields and forests, golden sunrises and sunsets will whet your appetite to go out and follow Justin’s example.
You will need dedication, attention to detail and a love of nature to track down and
 Photographing East Anglia by Justin Minns is published by fotoVUE, RRP £27.95
capture a particular location but, as this books shows, when it all comes together the results can be glorious. Justin generously gives advice on interesting locations (including best times and seasonal highlights) topographic maps and co-ordinates, plus lots of photographic tips.
There’s local interest with Lavenham, Kersey, Cavendish, Sudbury and Thetford all mentioned and pictured.
This award winning Suffolk based lensman runs photography workshops around the region and is regularly commissioned by the National Trust.

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